How To Achieve Kate Moss’ Look Using The ‘Naked’ Palette

The Second In Our Urban Decay Celebrity Series

CIIN loves Urban Decay’s Naked 12 eyeshadow palette.. The longest most seductive palette your eyes will ever scan … It’s really hard to admit which out of the 4 famous palettes is our favourite! Wether it’s Naked or Naked 2, 3 or the latest Smokey addition, CIIN embarks on the greatest mission and gives you 5 celebrity eye makeup tutorials employing the UD palette.. Why not look good naked?!

Our Urban Decay celebrity today is Kate Moss!

Kate Moss’ sexy rock’n roll makeup is accomplished by starting with an eye primer as a base on the eyelids.. Then start off with the first shade of the Naked 2 palette which is ‘Pistol’.. Apply it closer to the lashline, and halfway on the eyelid.. Blend lightly for a smudgy look without any define lines into it.. After that add eyeliner on the upper water line followed by the lower one.. Move on to the next shade in your Naked palette, ‘Busted’ , apply with a thin brush on top of the upper and lower liners.. Another shade to use now is the ‘Blackout’, with a dome brush apply a little bit more on the outer corner of the eye.. ’Tease’ comes after.. Blend this almost colourless shade on the rest of the eyelid and a little bit on the crease.. Mascara tops it all.. Voila! To view Olivia Wilde's UD Naked face click here..

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