How Queen Rania Made Modesty Fashionable

Queen Rania Al Abdullah

You can be dressed modestly, but how do you make it stylish? Do the same style rules apply? Or do you end up looking like the woman on the cover of a Middle Eastern Magazine, colored in with a black sharpie where she needed to cover up.

No one has managed to look as equally modest and stylish as the iconic Queen Rania Al Abdullah Of Jordan. Over the years, she has consistently churned out conservative glamour, guiding the Arab world and beyond. CIIN takes a look at some of Queen Rania’s most beautiful looks over the years, and why they worked.

Define The Waist

When covering up, it is important to create some definition at the waist which reiterates the hourglass silhouette that is not seen. A belt, a seam at the waistline all act as a gentle reminder of your femininity.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah

The Devil Is In The Details

Queen Rania intelligently keeps things interesting with fantastic tone-on-tone details. Haven't you ever wondered why Her Majesty always look so chic yet simple, it's the single color but with something to keep our eye entertained. Being covered up can have two pitfalls, either prints that are overwhelming or solids that put you to sleep...this is the way to do it.

Get The Proportions Right

When we coverup the proportions play an even greater role. We love the lengths that Her Majesty played with in this three quarter sleeve feather top which sits perfectly at the upper hip. Working perfectly with the length of the creme butterfly skirt.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah

Break The Rules

The now iconic Givenchy ensemble worn by Queen Rania to the Spanish Royal wedding in 2004 is a perfect example of creating impact without compromising modesty. The unexpected creme blouse and lace maxi skirt look just as modern today as they did over 10 years ago.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah


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