Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, July 19, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Head-to-Toe White, How to Nail the Look

You have probably seen them…Fantastically chic women dressed in head-to-toe white. Why then do you end up looking like a chemist in your efforts to wear white? Whether you are opting for a white pantsuit or a blouse and long skirt, CIIN gives you 6 ways to wear head to toe white like a pro.

1 || White Is A Blank Canvas

When wearing white, ensure that you are adding interesting features or elements to your look that will guide the eye. The reason you are looking like a chemist is because your jacket and pants are too basic. Try a double-breasted jacket or a white leg pant with a pleated front to create personality.

2 || Contrasting Colors May Not Always Work

Attempt high contrasts with caution, you may end up looking like a waiter or an circus conductor. Whites are easiest worn with soft tones such as tans and pastels. This allows the eye to transition more smoothly.

3 || Always Remember to Accessorize

Head-to-toe white is always seen on super-chic fashionistas that have a PhD in styling. They can certainly get away with a clean, barely there head to toe look. It’s a tricky combination of fabric, cut and attitude. For the rest of us there are accessories. Try an oversized belt or statement accessories.

4 || Show Some Skin

You need to break the look up with skin.. A deep V neck, three quarter sleeve and a pair of sandals go a long way in lightening up the I-am-an-Oreo-cookie-dipped-in-milk look.

5 || Textures

Another way to add interest to your look is with different weights and textures. Be careful you don’t end up with four separate shades of white though… Match textures that don’t compete with each other. A white tweed blazer and white silk camisole are a good example of this.

6 || Match Your Fabric to Your Outfit Style

This is not an obvious one but will save you a lot of confusion.. If the style of your clothing is sleek, like a pantsuit for example, stick with equally sleek fabrics. If you are wearing something more playful, say a white long skirt with a side ruffle, then you can opt for a more playful white fabric..eyelet or lace for example. Imagine for a second your pantsuit in eyelet and your skirt in crepe..They don’t work..

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