Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, January 15, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Handbag Pet Peeves || What We Really Hate About Our Favorite Handbags

It’s really very strange how our feelings change towards our handbags. A relationship of sorts, what starts off as lust at a luxury boutique like Gucci, or one of convenience at Longchamps can change dramatically over time. Ultimately we have an intimate relationship with our day bag, we don’t change it often, and it needs to tick a certain number of boxes to work, these are our expectations. We have narrowed down our pet peeves, those issues that we have with our bags that can either make or break our relationship with our handbag. Perhaps if we take these on board, our expectations will be more realistic the next time round ;))

1 || How Heavy Is It?

It may look gorgeous but you need to figure out how heavy it is without anything inside. A lot of these bags are a serious workout, if you want to use it daily, you need to consider what you’ll be carrying around all day.

2 || The Lining is too Dark!

You are not getting old, it is just that your lining is too dark.If you have found yourself fumbling through your bag searching for things it could be that you can’t find it because it’s too dark in there. Always opt for a light colored lining, it lets in more light and helps you see better.

3 || Open it and it Loses its Shape

Those fancy bags with the gorgeous locks don’t look so gorgeous when you leave them open.They lose their shape once opened which forces us to open and close our bags at least a hundred times a day. Make sure your bag looks the same whether its open or closed and save yourself the headache.

4 || You Can’t Carry it More than One Way

You really need to be able to carry your bag in more than one way, in your hand, on your arm or on your shoulder… Sometimes the bag is either too long strapped or short handled and it doesn’t give you the flexibility your life deserves.

5 || The Shoulder Strap is too Thin

If you are buying a long strapped bag, make sure the strap isn’t too thin. Chain straps that don’t have a leather protector where it should sit on your shoulder, will cut into your shoulder instead and it hurts. Also, if your bag is heavy and your leather strap is thin, it will also cut into your shoulder. Make sure it’s thick enough…

6 || Too Wide on the Bottom

When your bucket bag is too wide on the bottom it almost feels like you are walking in with another person, you actually need to make way for your bag. If you catch yourself walking into an elevator sideways it means you bag is too wide on the bottom.

7 || Too Delicate

Fancy bags can be delicate and this keeps you on your toes. Too light in color and it may get dirty quickly. Too delicate in material and there is the constant fear of it ruining, who needs an extra stressor.

8 || Too Stiff

In life we need flexibility, and so you should expect the same from your handbag! If it’s too stiff it will be a struggle to throw stuff into your bag. Honestly what’s the point?

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