, September 24, 2018
by Hala Oran

Gucci To Hold Its Spring 2019 Runway Show In Paris For The Very First Time!

The Gucci show is moving to Paris Fashion Week and skipping Milan Fashion Week this year but this is only temporary. This move is the finale of a three-part series of events that Alessandro Michele Gucci’s creative director is doing to pay homage to France. The show taking place today September 24th is held at the Théâtre Le Palace in Paris. The location was not chosen randomly, as the Théâtre Le Palace was quite a significant part of the Parisian intellectual crowd back in its heyday. It was a theater-turned-nightclub that had no place for VIPs; it witnessed Karl Lagerfeld and the likes mixing with eccentric artists and intellectuals. Between 1978 and 1982, this place celebrated the eccentricity of Parisian people and brought life to its nightlife…some even say it is Paris’s answer to New York’s Studio 54 albeit in a more cultured kind of crazy. In short, it represented a sense of freedom that was very difficult to attain in the years to follow.

Holding Gucci’s show at this iconic place “resonates with the vision of the house as it is a venue that gave life to a subculture that has inspired young generations until today”. According to Gucci’s press release.

But why is Gucci paying homage to France you may wonder? In celebrating youth, Gucci is paying tribute to the 1968 student riots that shook France and affected the economy reaching the point of a complete standstill. The rebellions against the military and the bureaucratic elites led President Charles de Gaulle to flee Paris for a short while only to come back and dissolve the National Assembly and call for new parliamentary elections which subdued the protests. ‘May 68’ affected the French people for decades later and to this day it is considered a significant turning point in the history of the French…it is considered a social revolution and not a political one.

Gucci started their three-part homage back in January of this year with its pre-autumn/winter 2018 advertising campaign, which showcased a series of photographs depicting Gucci-wearing rebels occupying a university campus. This was followed by the cruise 2019 show that was held on May 30th at the historic site and Roman necropolis of the Promenade Des Alyscamps in Arles, France.


The show taking place tonight at 9 PM marks the first time that this location hosts a runway show. And as it is the finale of this ode-to-France series one can’t help but hold very high expectations for this show…..and no doubt Gucci will NEVER disappoint ….

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Sep 24, 2018