Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, November 8, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Gigi Hadid in Bright Yellow And How She Got Away With It

This is a true reminder of how much celebrities get paid to dress up in brands.For the London launch of the Gigi Hadid x Maybelline collaboration last night in London the model and entrepreneur wore a bright yellow ensemble by Ralph Lauren.As you can imagine the final look was pretty flawless but when you look at it from another perspective the image is not so rosy…

So basically Gigi Hadid and her stylist are given a choice of say 10 pieces from the latest Ralph Lauren collection.As you can imagine Ralph Lauren isn’t exactly Versace, the finely tailored pieces can occasionally make you yawn.Gigi Hadid finally settles on this yellow dress which she then matches to a full length trench.

Firstly, anyone that has seen Gigi in the egg-yolk yellow dress by Prabal Gurung this October, or the Versace number at the 2015 Music Awards will know that the shade of yellow of the Ralph Lauren ensemble isn’t exactly ideal…Gigi’s glam squad doctored the situation with a bronze makeup look and nude lipstick.Her sultry up-do adding some much needed glamour to the look.

Another thing to question is the cut of the strapless dress…It’s not fitted around the waist and it’s done on purpose.Cinch it and watch Gigi Hadid turn from celebrated beauty queen to debutante in 30 seconds flat.The lack of silhouette infuses once again a little bit of trendiness into the look.

Last but not least of course is the coat, honestly who wants to wear a coat to an event anyway especially a double-faced wool one…Im guessing the first suggestion by the RL team was for her to place the coat on her shoulders, which would have been ok.She miraculously saved the day with her very own version of the Rihanna off-the-shoulder look.And you thought being a celebrity was easy!

Nov 8, 2017