Amman, March 8, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Fish Collagen || Nature’s Hyaluronic Acid

It all goes down to collagen.. Talk about a complex structural protein that helps maintain the strength and flexibility of skin, ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, gums, eyes, nails and hair. What more can we ask for? Really!

CIIN introduces you to fish collagen, a.k.a. marine collagen, a type 1 collagen already sourced from the scales, skin, bones and fins of fresh or saltwater fish. Normally found in abundance in the human body, until you start needing it more, and upon knowing the fact that it’s the foundation for beautiful skin, strong connective tissues and sturdy bones, we are not going to miss out on it..

This specific type of collagen is very well known for its high bioavailability, which means Fish collagen is absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently into the body and has superior bioavailability over other types of collagen like bovine or porcine. Since it’s absorbed more efficiently and enters the bloodstream more quickly, it’s considered the best collagen source out there..

Why You Should Consider Taking It?

1 || Anti-Aging

If you seek improved smoothness, better moisture retention and more suppleness and less deep wrinkles, Fish collagen is the to go to supplement.. Fight the undesirable effects of the ever ongoing process of aging!

2 || Bone Healing and Regeneration

Fish collagen has recently shown its ability to increase the body’s own natural collagen production. Which aids in increasing bone mineral density and exerting anti-inflammatory activity on osteoarthritis.

3 || Wound Healing

Want to heal wounds and cuts faster? The power of forming new tissues makes Fish collagen help your next scrape, scratch or more serious wound to heal better and faster...

4 || Increased Protein Intake

Fish collagen is over 97 percent protein with no fat, sugars or carbohydrates, making it one of the absolute best protein foods on the planet. These proteins are the building blocks of our bodies. Improve your workouts, avoid muscle loss and have a better recovery post-workout. Add to that the beauty of easier weight management with increased intake of proteins..

5 || Antibacterial Abilities

Collagencin, which is an antibacterial peptide from fish collagen inhibits the growth of certain bacteria. Which makes it a great source for anti-inflammatory results..

CIIN brings to you a few highly recommended top-rated sources of Fish Collagen..


Mar 8, 2017