, September 24, 2018
by Hala Oran

First Saudi Female News Anchor Makes her Debut!

The Saudi’s are embarking on exciting new times with all the milestones they have covered in such a short span of time. Yesterday they celebrated their national day and just a few days before, the country witnessed another milestone for women to be added to the list of achievements. On September 20th, the first ever Saudi female news anchor appeared on the 9:30 PM news, on the national channel Saudia. Weam Al Dakheel made history as she went live alongside her co-anchor Omar Al Nashwan.

Women have previously been on TV, their appearances however were restricted to covering topics of interest for women only. Jumanah Al Shami was considered the first women ever to present on TV in 2016, her topics covered cooking, the weather and other subjects with interest for women. However, the empowerment of Saudi women is one of the most important aspects of Saudi Vision 2030 which was initiated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Al Dakheel has held previous similar positions in the past; first of all she holds a degree in journalism from the Lebanese American University (LAU), and she previously worked at Al-Arab News Channel in Bahrain as well as CNBC Arabia. The following night, Al Dakheel’s colleague Nada Al Dahham co-presented the news bulletin at night.

Women are not only gaining access to male-restricted arenas such as driving or attending sports events and concerts….they are entering the Saudi workforce with vengeance as the last year saw the entrance of around 600,000 Saudi women into the workforce. We are sure to witness more milestones to come because the Saudis when they set their minds on doing something they do it exceptionally well ….

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Sep 24, 2018