, May 16, 2018
by Hala Oran

Final Wedding Dress Predictions || Could We Be Right??

Meghan Markle’s wedding dress predictions have turned into such a favourite pastime for designers, the media, and the common folk alike. Come Saturday the 19th and this mystery will have solved itself but until then allow us to indulge just a little bit more with the tale of THE wedding dress.

Meghan has disclosed on more than one occasion that she favours simple minimalistic styles when it comes to her choice of a wedding dress and she even mentioned that her wedding dress goals would be similar to Carolyn Basset Kennedy’s. Designed by the then-unknown Narciso Rodriguez, Carolyn Kennedy’s dress looked more like a white slip dress then a wedding gown but it was probably suited for the cosy ceremony that was held on a small island off the coast of Georgia back in 1996.

We can’t help but wonder if Meghan would go the Carolyn Kennedy route and opt for an unknown designer or would she go for any of the speculated designers such as Erdem, Stella McCartney, or Ralph & Russo especially after having posed in their fabulous dress during the photoshoot with Prince Harry. Many feel that she will go for Ralph & Russo especially that she has worked with them previously and it would be the smart thing to do. Needless to mention that they are based in London and have the right amount of expertise and resources to create a dress as lavish or as simple as Meghan would want.

So whether she should go with a British designer, an American or even a Canadian is another part of the guessing game. Many media specialists believe she would play it safe and go British with either a Vivienne Westwood or Erdem, some took it further to dream about Meghan wearing something for Riccardo Tisci in his current Burberry reign. We at CIIN, feel that Meghan might want to appease the Queen and actually wear a dress designed by Richard Quinn, the British designer who received the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. Amal Clooney recently wore a Richard Quinn design for the Met Gala.

Many people believe that Markle’s multicultural background, as well as her successful career on TV will be reflected in her choice of wedding gown with something less traditional than what we’re used to. Some believe, especially given her penchant for Canadian low-key designers that she might opt for some below-the-radar Canadian designer as a tribute to the years she spent living and working there. But if she doesn’t, some speculate that her wedding jewellery, namely the earrings, might actually be Canadian as she is an avid fan of the Canadian-based (with English roots) Maison Birks and she actually owns a number of pieces from that brand. Her tiara, though, might be her ‘something borrowed’ just like Kate who wore the Queen’s Cartier Halo tiara on her wedding day.

It is simply amazing how this best-kept secret is just that… best kept, especially when you pause to think of the amount of people and preparations that go into the making of a royal wedding dress. In an interview with Glamour magazine a few months back, Meghan mentioned that her favourite bridal brands are Paris-based designer Delphine Manivet as well as Christos Costarellos. She also mentioned that she would always be a fan of Elie Saab and J. Mendel! Since Meghan has more freedom of choice than Kate Middleton especially as she doesn’t have the same level of obligations; this means that she might opt for a glamorous choice of a designer, so would it be possible for her to wear a Marchesa? We don’t have to wait long to find out; Saturday is only a couple of days away…

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May 16, 2018