Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, August 29, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Fashion Advice We Wish We Would Have Known In Our Thirties

In our thirties, we are busy building something.. A nest for our family, with motherhood playing a substantial part, or building a career with work high on our agenda. For some women it's both, and we have great respect for these hard workers.

Regardless of what you are busy at, it's pretty much consuming you, which leaves little time for you to reflect on your fashion and style. Oh if only one had a time machine to see our thirties from the perspective of our forties. Well the next best thing is to heed the advice of women in their forties.

1 || You Are Still Young

Whether you have three kids that are making you feel old, or a growing bank account thanks to your growing career path, you may misunderstand your age. You are still very young. If fifty is the new thirty, then you do the math.

The first thing that happens when you feel old, is that there is a certain heaviness that infiltrates your decision-making on all levels. We are here to tell you to lighten up…These thoughts weigh you down and make you look older… Its actually the other way round, you are not old, but your decisions make you appear older.

You know those ‘I must thoughts’… I need to buy an adult handbag although I really love the fuchsia backpack. I need to wear a one piece because it's fashionable and because my waist isn’t what it used to be… I need to blow dry my hair professionally, it looks better…

2 || It’s Time To Invest

Yes we have asked you to lighten up, but you need to also remember that time flies when you are having fun. Before you know it, you will look into your cupboard and see plenty of clothes, shoes and handbags that are of no value to you. Start buying less pieces in better quality, take your time in buying your pieces, there is no rush, and hopefully you will have them for longer.

We don’t believe in the timeless purchases principle, its not very inspiring to keep shopping for black pumps… Invest in hero pieces that will spice up your wardrobe for years. How will you know if it's the right purchase ? You will keep thinking about it till you buy it…

3 || Don’t Get All Dressed Up

One of the most heartbreaking sights are beautiful thirty-something year old ‘girls’ that are all dressed up. Whether its daytime or evening, being over-styled makes you look like you are playing dress up. The more pieces you have on the less attention you give your figure and beauty. Don’t camouflage your personality with clothes that say too much…

4 || I’m Pretty and I Know It

Youth is beauty, that is a hard lesson learned once you start aging. You don’t have to have the prettiest nose, by default being young means you are beautiful. When you feel pretty you pay attention to your looks, if you don’t know you are pretty you are less inclined to do so. So many times you bump into a young lady who really doesn’t feel attractive, and you can tell, her brows need shaping, needs to use an anti-frizz on her hair and her tatty pants need to be thrown in the garbage. We are telling you all that you are beautiful, so show it with tasteful styling.

5 || You Should Know Your Style By Now

Speaking of style, you need to have identified your style by now. Yes experimentation is key to keeping things youthful, but in a certain category. It doesn’t really work when you are doing a Jackie O on Wednesday and a Rihanna on Friday. Reflect on when you get the most compliments, its a certain style, stick with that. Compliments are actually really hard to come by, so take them seriously.

6 || Your Hair Is The First To Go

In your thirties there will be so much attention on your skin that you will mistakenly forget about the quality of your hair. One of the first signs of aging is hair deterioration, either in quality or in quantity. Invest in a great hair and nail vitamin today, and take it diligently. Nourish your hair, it takes time to grow hair and even more time to affect improvements to its quality, so start today…

7 || Make Exercise a Habit

Just like you brush your teeth, you need to be working out (relax not as often, just as regularly)… It’s never too late to start exercising , but it’s also never too early.In your forties, you body will start going through perimenopause, a traumatic experience. Your body will start doing strange things, like bloating, slower metabolism, fat settlements in odd places, like your arms and stomach.

One of the hardest things to handle is too many variables, if you haven’t started exercising regularly before, once you hit your forties you will be managing exercise in addition to the other factors, get a head start and start a workout routine today, it'll be one less thing to worry about in your forties.

8 || Grey Hair

There are phases to covering grey hair, at first we play around with highlights till we can’t hide enough of it, then we move onto full-on hair dye at the roots. We are here to tell you to prolong the highlights phase for as long as you can. Once you start dying your hair, there is no turning back…

9 || A Helping Hand

In your thirties your body will need some help in the nourishment department. Regardless of how well you eat, you will need the help of supplements. It’s not because you are doing anything wrong but because there is less goodness in the food we eat. A green apple from Australia that has been sitting in a refrigerator for the past 3 months doesn’t have the same nourishment as a freshly picked apple. Unfortunately however, a freshly picked apple may still not have all the goodness because the soil may not be as rich as it should be… So many factors weigh in, do your regular blood work and help your body out if needed.

10 || You Are Not A Kid Anymore

You may be feeling it already, but that food fest on your last holiday didn’t go unnoticed on the scales. The extra half kilo in weight will creep up on you every 6 months or so.Before you know it you are above your average body weight by 2 kilos.It’s time to think about what you eat, keep things in moderation so you can maintain your eating habits, but unfortunately its time to eat like an adult…


Aug 29, 2017