, June 14, 2018
by Hala Oran

Facial Springs || The New Facial Hair Removal Gadget You Should Know About

Oh the hardships of being a woman!! Being a woman means so many different things but most importantly it means femininity, elegance and poise. Despite what men think but our femininity is not so easy to come by sometimes …. if they only knew the levels we go to for us to retain that femininity!!! And one major challenge to our femininity …. you guessed it…. hair and not the type that grows on our heads! Hair and specifically facial hair is such an issue that countless tools, gadgets, recipes and treatments are dedicated to its eradication. From waxing to shaving to threading and sugaring, the methods of facial hair removal are wide with varying levels of effectiveness. In our pursuit for the perfect method we have come across a new tool that claims to be the revolutionary new way of getting rid of unwanted hair; the facial spring.

A facial spring is a gadget made of 100% stainless steel, it has two pointy ends with a flexible and bendy spring middle. The density of the spring and the flexibility promise optimal hair removal from the most sensitive parts of our face such as the cheeks, nose, neck, chin, and around the lips.

The spring is used by bending the sides downwards in an upside-down U shape and then placing it on the area where you want the hair removed. Move the springs up and down the area while you continuously twist the handles to pull the hair from the roots. It is claimed that the spring is able to remove the finest of hairs while we feel a minimum amount of discomfort in the form of slight tingling.

Though we haven’t personally tested the tool but I will most likely order it online to give it a test drive since it has a 4+ rating from over 1,600 reviews. It is claimed to be safe for use for all skin types and does not have any risks of causing wrinkles or pigmentation with continued use. It is also compact and small and can fit in your purse and it can save you time and money when you skip the salon. Could it be another fad? I certainly hope not because it does sound like it’s too good to be true but I can’t judge without giving it a go…. will keep you posted.

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Jun 14, 2018