Amman, March 12, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Face Masks || All You Need To Know About These Potent Beauty Essentials!

Pampering our skin with masks is the closest way to a typical facial bliss.. However, it’s important to know that they’re not a one -size-fits-all kind of beauty essentials, masks are an important part of achieving healthy, clear and beautiful skin, but since everyone’s skin type is unique, we need to make sure we’re using the best mask for our skin type. In this article we will discuss all the aspects revolving around facial masks.. Their different types, what each type is beneficial for and how to use the best mask options for the different kinds of skin for optimum results!

Types Of Facial Masks

1 || Gel Masks

Most gel mask formulas are oil-free, they have a clear nature and their main benefit is providing hydration to thirsty skin cells. Known for their cooling effect, they are great options for soothing redness and sensitivity.. Storing them in the fridge gives an extra cooling and redness-reducing effect. Best used post workouts and sun exposure or flight when skin is often very dry..

All skin types can benefit from gel masks..

2 || Clay Masks

Known to be highly drying, clay masks are opaque in color and thick in texture. We need to look for formulas that promote having hydrating benefits.. Always avoid ones that are really drying tight and crack into a million pieces, and by using an oil-free hydrating skin serum underneath you can offset any drying effect… Great for oily skin, their main benefit is to draw out oil and provide a clearing and tightening effect for the pores.. In the Summer, our skin tends to get oily and greasy, when used on t-zones they will work miracles..

Oily, combination, clogged-prone prone skin types will get the most benefit from a clay mask..

3 || Cream Masks

Similar to moisturizers, cream masks are usually formulated with emollients and oils,

And mainly great for providing oil-based hydration to dry skin types.. Wear them overnight for deeper absorption.. Not so good an option for oily, combination or dehydrated skins.. Best used in winter time to combat dryness. Use post-flight to restore moisture loss..

Dry skin types will get the most benefit from this type of mask.

4 || Sheet Masks

Most sheet mask formulas are oil-free, made out of fabrics and materials like non-woven fibers, bio-cellulose, and rayon, sheet masks provide water-based hydration to thirsty skin cells.. Similar to gel masks, they have a natural cooling effect for soothing redness and sensitivity.. Store in a fridge as well. Our tip is to buy ones that are perfume-free to avoid any sort of irritation.. Use post-flight when water evaporation has occurred in the skin for great results..

Every skin type can benefit from a sheet mask…

How To Use A Face Mask For Your Skin Type?

In order for us to get the maximum benefit from a mask, merely cleansing our skin won’t cut it. For best results exfoliating the skin first will allow the mask to work most effectively.

When Do Masks Come in Handy?

Always have a mask or two within reach whenever you are in the below situations;

  • Post-flight
  • Post-workout
  • Post-beach/sun
  • Before a special event
  • Whenever your skin feels and looks dull and could use a pick-me-up
  • While you’re soaking in the bathtub
  • To wind down the weekend to put your best face forward for the busy week ahead

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