, December 17, 2018
by Hala Oran

Eyebrows As We Know Them Are OUT || Find Out The New Shape Here!

The eyebrows have taken centre stage these last few years, and come to think of it they are the single most prominent feature that actually undergoes massive transformations from decade to decade! It is no secret that the eyebrows have the most visible effect on our features; I personally shudder when I remember the skinny brows of the 90’s, and no matter how much I try to grow mine out there is just no escaping the damage I inflicted on my eyebrows during the 90s. Approaching the last year of this decade, it seems inevitable that we are to witness yet another transformation. So what are your expectations for the upcoming eyebrow trend??

One thing for certain is that the overly drawn eyebrows of the social media age are on their way out! Low-maintenance eyebrows have slowly but surely made their way in. A whole slew of global makeup artists agree that the world has grown tired of the perfectly painted “Instagram’ eyebrows, that are sculpted, contoured, and so far from natural looking as can be. The below image of Zendaya was taken in 2016 and it symbolises the most lusted-after eyebrows of the decade…until now that is!

Come 2019 and the trends are swinging in an entirely opposite direction like it or not. Down-to-earth eyebrows that are less defined and more youthful looking is what’s going to dominate the beauty trends. These eyerbows are longer and straighter in shape, fuller, brushed up, and they require minimal or no products.

TO achieve this look first of all you need to toss out your tweezers! Don’t even be tempted to clean up underneath the arch. Brush your brows upwards so that all the hairs stand out as this will make them look fuller and more natural. If you’re the type to have over plucked your brows and need some external help; a tinted brush-on gel will do such as Too Faced Brow Quickie or Milk’s Brow Gel, or just add a little brow powder to give your brows some natural shadowing. If you’re still not satisfied try using a skinny-tipped pencil with a lighter-weight formula such as Benefit’s to fill in the sparse areas with short strokes that look like individual hairs, sketch a few strokes towards the front of your brows for an added effect….. otherwise you may want to consider getting your brows tinted professionally. Below are the best-selling products to help you achieve the natural brow shape of your dreams.

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