Amman, April 2, 2018
by Georgiet Kamel

Justin Bieber’s Message To Fans “Easter Is Not About A Bunny” We Think !!

The 24-year-old singer, who is known to have a love/hate relationship with the Internet, took to social media this Easter Sunday and had some words for 98 million followers about what the holiday is really about.

Justin Bieber is well-known as a devout Christian, and is a regular attendee of Hillsong Church.

"Jesus has changed my life," Bieber began the note, which he shared on Instagram.

"Easter is not about a bunny, it's a reminder that my Jesus died on the cross for my sins and then rose from the dead defeating death! I believe this happened and it changes everything! I am set free from bondage and shame, I am a child of the most high God and he loves me exactly where I am, how I am, for who I am."

However, just two hours later, Bieber went on a spree and posted five more photos to Instagram - four in bunny sunglasses with a stuffed rabbit toy, and one eating spaghetti.

The popstar wrote,

"Remember when I said Easter isnt about bunnies... well I lied."

Only the first of these photos came with a caption, in which Bieber contradicted his earlier heartfelt message.

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Apr 2, 2018