, June 10, 2018
by Hala Oran

Dior Redefine Their Classic Makeup With New Line || Dior Backstage


It seems the makeup world is having a major moment as of late….not only are we hearing of celebrity makeup launches on almost daily basis, but even established makeup brands are recreating and reinventing themselves just to keep up with the times. Dior are the latest makeup brand to join the parade with the launch of their new, young, hip and trendy line simply called Dior Backstage.

Obviously targeting a younger audience, the new line is an extension of Dior’s classic makeup line albeit minus the hefty price tag. Where, for example, Dior Airflash Foundation is priced at $62, the new Backstage foundation is just $40. The new line comes in clear acrylic packaging and is campaigned by the models of the moment such as Bella Hadid, Ruth Bell, Manuela Sanchez, and Chu Wong.

The inclusive line boasts 40 shades of foundation that are largely aimed at attracting the Instagram generation who are probably not among Dior makeup’s fans, especially with the huge selection of attractive and accessible makeup brands out there nowadays. For those who tried and tested the line it seems that their foundation is one of their star products; the 40 shades available suit all 6 different undertones in 16 levels of intensity, providing a natural and glowy sheer finish that is easily buildable (it is actually rumoured that this is the foundation Meghan Markle used on her wedding day).

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Jun 10, 2018