, September 23, 2018
by Hala Oran

Did You Know That Your Skin-Care Products Can Grow Mold?!

Yup that gross bluish-green fuzzy thing can actually grow in or on your skin-care products… though it will probably look much different than what you would expect. Even though most skin-care products contain preservatives to prevent any unusual growth inside your products but you must keep your eyes - and noses - trained on any unusual sights or smells especially if you love your organic skin-care products too much…Mold causes serious skin issues such as irritations or breakouts so we advise you to go on a skin-care hunt tonight to look for any telltale signs of mold in your beauty cabinet.

# How Can Mold Grow In Skin-Care Products

Expiry Dates: This is the most obvious reason why mold can grow in products. When you’re nearing or past the expiry date of a certain product the preservatives won’t be working very effectively at warding off mold.

Storage: Storing your skin-care products and your makeup essentials in your toilet is always a bad idea due to the high degree of humidity they get exposed to.

# Signs of Mold

Expiry Dates: Always check the expiry dates.

Smell, Sight, and Touch: If a product does not smell, look, or feel the way it used to then it’s probably time to throw it out….moldy or not.

Camouflage: Sadly, mold has a good way of hiding as it won’t always look green and gross. Fungus has the ability to transform into the same color as your product! It’s very difficult to tell when the product comes in an opaque package. Some people actually empty their products into glass bottles because of this.

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# Effects of Mold

The state of your skin as well as the strength of your immune system determine how you will be affected by mold. Mold can be the main cause behind some infections if the person’s immune system is not that strong. Rashes, hives, and an eczema-like reaction can occur. It can also cause itchiness and swelling of the eyes.

# Protect Against Mold

Always be aware of expiry dates. Close the lids tightly to keep moisture from seeping in your products. Store in a dry cool (and preferably dark) place away from humidity. You can even store your favourite products in the fridge. There are actually tiny fridges that are made specifically for your beauty products. Finally, don’t save that special pricy serum or mask for occasional use; use the products regularly as soon as you open them and don’t save them up as this puts them at risk.

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