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Dear Darling,

I love watching you on TV. I would personally pick Jake over the President any day. You know what they say, “he probably won't leave his wife". And please tell Shonda that I don't believe Jake is dead.

On another note, I have a few tips for your stylist, who I feel may be struggling to come up with a new look for you. Because, lets be honest, one more creme outfit and we may turn that TV off.

Firstly, I love your neck and décolleté, something not highlighted nearly enough. Try a soft V neck. I actually feel your overly structured jackets, take away from it.

Secondly, you have a beautiful jawbone, so I think you need to opt for items that could highlight it. Try a dangly earring.

You have a really interesting face, so kindly refuse any prints or stripes on top that she sends your way.

courtesy of ABC

Also, your personality is “no nonsense" enough. I don't think we will take you less seriously if you soften things up a little.

To be entirely honest, you have a lovely waist and not so lovely ankles, so I don't blame your stylist for opting for pants a lot. BUT, lets work that waist to your advantage.

Also, who says Washingtonians need to be boring, I highly recommend you check out this awesome boutique in DC called Muleh. The real White House crowd shop there, and it is certainly not boring.

You are really a cool chick, lets reflect that more. I don't think your inner rocker vibe will take away from your professionalism, perhaps just merely highlight that your sense of style is just as courageous as your work ethic.

As for colours, can you please try tan, light pink, and perhaps some blues.

As for your Prada handbag, time to replace it.

Take good care, AND thanks for the popcorn for dinner tip.


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Jun 30, 2015