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Angela Missoni thinks bright clothing makes people look and feel "optimistic".

The fashionista has helmed her family's brand since 1998, taking over from her mother Rosita. Known for its vibrant offerings, Missoni aims to uplift people with its stand-out designs.

"What's really Italian about Missoni is the optimistic side, the lifestyle, the fact that we have this Mediterranean spirit, which really comes from my father [Ottavio] who was born on the Dalmatian coast," Angela explained to Porter magazine. "Our clothes are joyful and they inspire that outlook when you wear them. If you want to feel and look optimistic, wear colour."

She urges people to embrace bold prints and advises women don't opt for plain clothing as they get older. Angela believes vivacious shades should be "celebrated" by every generation, a notion which has clearly proved popular with her fans.

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"I remember when I stared out 20 years ago, a friend of my mother's, who was always very elegant and had dressed in Missoni in the 1960s and 1970s, came to me and said 'Thank you'. I felt like I had given a new lease of life to the older generation - it was the best compliment and the best accomplishment," she smiled.

Angela's daughter Teresa joined the interview, lending some style tips of her own. She supports her mum's idea that colours are important, and doesn't think that lighter items should be stored away once winter arrives. Teresa says being able to pull off an outfit is all down to "mood and balance".

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