Amman, October 29, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Claudia Schiffer Confidently Breaks This One Beauty Rule

The first thing that Claudia Schiffer writes in her new Rizzoli book, celebrating 30 years in the modelling industry, is that people think she's an "ice queen." The second is that they're not entirely wrong. To us Claudia could be almost the queen of it all.. Today though, we portray her as our beauty queen for sure! And as if we needed another reason to love the iconic supermodel even more, Claudia dishes out one of her little beauty secrets that is simply effortless..

According to the blond bombshell, it's totally fine to sleep in your makeup.

"Sleeping in my makeup, it actually does look really good," she said. "I don't take my makeup off around my eyes and just keep some of the leftover. That smudgy, sexy eye? It’s crazy."

So, sleeping with your makeup on doesn’t sound horribly terrible after all does it? Come to think about it, and it happens to me all the time, as you are preparing for bed and begin your midnight, post-party beauty routine of removing all that gorgeous makeup you have spent quite some time on applying, and got so many compliments on, it hurts a bit to just wash it all off to non-existence.. Well at least we will listen to Claudia, and at least keep the eye makeup on.. As sleeping with your layers and layers of foundation will only surprise you with a surefire morning break-out! So, when Claudia Schiffer says it's fine, actuallysexy to keep it on overnight, we LISTEN!

Claudia had to elaborate more!

“You know, I heard for the first time about it back in the days, in the '90s, working with Ellen von Unwerth, a German photographer, for Guess Jeans. We were in Morocco with makeup artist Laurie Starrett. He used to always say that. "Can you please sleep in your makeup because the next day it's so much better.” He said, "You're only allowed to take the eyelashes off, but you have to keep all the black." Crazy, but he was right.

Oct 29, 2017