Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, October 30, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

CIIN’s Fashion Forward Review || What We Really Thought

As Fashion Forward Dubai closes its doors, we ponder the impact of the event and of course our favorite designers.We have been enjoying seasonal shows for years now, and boy how things have developed.It gives us great joy to see regional talents, such as Taller Marmo move on to show in Rome, and great fashion staples such as Amato come back each season. An element that gives Fashion Forward the credibility it has worked hard to achieve.

At this point there are the usual suspects, those that will show up and wow us.Case in point Hussein Bazaza and Arwa Al Banawi, but there are others that have diverted from their traditional formula and had us fall in love with them all over again.

The inclusion of successful designers such as Nabil Nayal and British Fashion Council picks Eden Choi and Sid Neigum has also raised the profile of the event and added the diversity that enriches regional fashion and places us firmly on the international fashion map.These were a few of our favorites this season, in alphabetical order.

1 || Anaya

This London-based brand and British Fashion Council recipient presented an inspiring summer collection.Clearly in her element designing artistic yet wearable fashion, the designer hit the nail on the head with a collection that both buyers and customers are hungry for.

2 || Atelier Zuhra

As the models came down the runway, flashes of Aishi Studio and a young Elie Saab come to mind. Intricately embroidered and well-tailored evening wear, the designers have managed to strike a healthy balance between cut and detail.They don’t compete with each other, they compliment each other, not easy!

3 || Essa

If we were to have attended the Essa show last, it would have made it so much clearer how courageous this designer is.Giving his back to the general flow of things, Essa went ahead and did what he wanted.Clearly inspired by Saint Laurent, his show was enthralling and a much needed dose of rock n’ roll.

4 || Madiya Al Sharqi

We have always loved Madiya Al Sharqi’s work, and for a split second, as those pastels came down the runway we actually thought it would be business as usual at the maison.Well weren’t we in for a surprise.The women coming down the catwalk were emancipated, there was a newfound exuberance and courage that emanated from the designs, wow !

5 || Roni Helou for Starch Foundation

There is a real confidence about Roni Helou that is freeing.His designs are unabashed, yet with this confidence comes a delightful deconstructed element. He is strong enough to hold his own without going over and above design-wise.The simplicity of design is compensated for with a complicated layering technique that comes across as effortless but is really hard work!

Oct 30, 2017