, June 27, 2018
by Hala Oran

CIIN’s Essential Packing Guide For Hassle-Free Travelling!

Getting ready for your summer vacation should be a joyful time for everyone and there should be no room for stress. If you’ve gotten past the booking and reservations all you have to do left is pack! We do understand that packing does indeed feel like a challenge sometimes even for the most frequent of travellers. This is why we’ve decided to research the best packing tips for you …. and for ourselves…to never again dread any trip! Check out CIIN’s essential packing guide for hassle-free travelling…

1 || Prepare A Master List

This one’s probably obvious but what better way to keep your packing in check than to prepare a master list and to save this list for future use. You can even prepare two lists one for city and one for beach destinations.

2 || Sweat and Wrinkle Proof Clothing

Aim to pack sweat-proof and wrinkle-proof clothing whenever possible …for obvious reasons.

3 || Always Bring A Scarf

A scarf is the most versatile piece you can pack in your hand luggage. It has many uses, it can serve as a cover up when it gets cold or when you need to get modest say if you visit temples and such. It can spice up your outfits or act as a picnic blanket. It can even serve as a pillow if you dislike the ones on planes.

4 || Matchy Matchy

This point is extremely important to save you from unwanted headaches on your trip. Choose one color scheme for your clothing and color-coordinate so you can easily mix and match your outfits and your shoes. This saves space in your luggage and gives you peace of mind on your trip.

5 || Inside-Out

This is a tip that you can use to save your light colored pieces from developing unwanted stains. When you pack them inside-out you avoid arriving at your destination with ruined clothing.

6 || Shower Caps

I can see you wondering about this one! If your shoes don’t come with their own dust bags fear not! Retain the shower caps they provide you with at hotels and use them to cover backs of shoes when packing.

7 || Roll It

You’ve probably seen this tip lately but turns out it is such a wise tip. When you roll your clothing items instead of folding them, you not only protect them from wrinkling but you also save space in your bag.

8 || Vacuum Pack

Invest in a set of vacuum compression packs that you can use to pack clothing categorically and to also save immeasurable space. You can also get some packing tubes to organise all your travel essentials and never again misplace anything.

9 || Dead Space

You probably are aware of this tip, but if you don’t place your socks and underwear in their own vacuum or tube packs you can use them to fill up the dead space between clothing.

10 || Stuff Your Shoes

A cute but essential tip is to stuff your shoes with socks to both save space and protect your shoes from caving in due to packing and the airplane’s pressure.

11 || Stay Fresh

For your long trips you may need to take some fabric conditioner or scented drawer liners to keep your clothes and your bag smelling fresh.

12 || Travel Containers

Invest in miniature travel containers to pack all your essential toiletries without having to hoard all the big bottles. You can find all shapes, sizes, and materials of containers to suit your needs.

13 || Ziplock It

If you’re unable to find travel containers use ziplock bags for gadgets and electronics, medications, and toiletries and take some extra empty ones in case. To further protect your toiletries from any spill accidents; cover up the opening of the containers with a layer of cling-film before putting on the lids. Use clear tape to cover up the gap where the lid joins the container.

14 || Makeup

A tip for safe-proofing your makeup is to place a flat cotton wool inside your pressed powder or eyeshadow kit. Place the cotton pad inside between the eyeshadow or powder and the lid.

15 || Accessories

If you’ve always shied away from taking your jewellery on vacation now you can happily pack them without fear. Use straws to carefully pack your necklaces and accessories to avoid them getting tanged or worse lost between your various belongings.

16 || Hide The Cash

A cool tip to protect your cash if, say, you’re going for a swim is to hide the cash (roll up the notes) and place them in an empty and clean sunblock or lip balm container for distraction.

17 || Weigh Your Luggage

If you worry that your luggage can get over the required weight, you can invest in a small luggage scale to help you avoid unnecessary extra-weight fees.

18 || Embellish It

If you’ve ever stood at a luggage carousel and wondered which one is your suitcase you are not alone. Embellish your suitcase to make it stand out using stickers, colourful ribbons or even colourful shoelaces can do.

19 || Pack Spares

And finally just in case the unthinkable happens and your suitcase goes missing or delayed, pack your valuables and a spare change of clothing in your hand luggage.

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Jun 27, 2018