Amman, September 25, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

CIIN’s Checklist Of All The Natural Mood Enhancing Supplements You Need For A Happier You!

Why don’t I ask you the most basic question and at the same time expect the most common answer?

What do you want from life?

Answer? You would say ‘I wanna be happy’! Happiness is relative and comes in different forms and means different things to different people.. Bottom line, all that a person wishes for and dreams about is eventually a source that will bring him or her happiness! We all have some room for self improvement and targeting happiness in our lives no matter what the term ‘happy’ means to any of us is an ongoing pursuit.. It’s true that life can sometimes feel especially messy and daunting, the struggles we face challenge us every now and then. How to face them depends on the individual.. Today, I am going to tackle this very broad subject that carries within its folds endless solutions. But before we label ourselves as ‘depressed’, especially if chemically we might not fit in that category, let’s listen to our bodies. Maybe it’s a vitamin your body lacks efficiently, that is causing you ongoing blues, nature will always have your back.. Trust the process, below learning a lot might be an understatement. Manage your stress, mood swings and anxiety with the plethora of natural alternatives to antidepressants.. Though, you should always talk to your physician before starting a new regimen.

Ahead, seven natural mood enhancers experts swear by.

1 || Probiotics || Promote A Healthy Gut

Surprisingly, gut and brain health go hand in hand.. It is not a craze or a fad trust us, our gut houses billions upon billions of bacteria that actually wield quite a bit of influence when it comes to on our body’s mechanisms—especially our mood!Essentially, a happy gut (i.e. a lot of the good bacteria) equates to a happy mind, whereas an imbalance of too much of the bad stuff (which can be caused by poor lifestyle habits or a nutrient-poor diet) can take a toll on mental well-being. You will never need a probiotic prescription, but stocking on probiotic rich foods or capsules will result in effective digestion and cherry on top? A way more beautiful complexion! Tried and tested and strongly advised to be taken during meal, check out CIIN’s favorite probiotic OTC options..

2 || Vitamin D3 || Enhance Mood

Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D becomes a fat-soluble hormone that helps with the absorption of essential nutrients and minerals pivotal to mood and brain health. Our bodies naturally produce it however most people have a deficiency of insufficiency. . Since research has linked vitamin D and emotional health it’s usually one of the first things a medical professional will test when a patient reports a not-so-sunny mood.

3 || Essential Oils || Control Stress Levels

Forget the luxury essential oils add to a divine bath, did you ask yourself why it works all the time? Essential oils have an astounding effect on mood and stress levels. They can even gift you with an extra kick of energy! Reducing anxiety and depression comes from scents that are intrinsically tied to our emotional responses and are directly carried to our brain, they can have a profound effect on hormonal balance and emotion. You’re likely familiar with the calming effects of lavender and chamomile, but bergamot (fresh and stimulating) and ylang-ylang (mildly sedative) are other dark horses when it comes to natural mood enhancers. Diffuse or massage directly into the skin..

4 || Omega 3 || Improve Mood And Cognition

This supplement, which is most commonly worshipped for its skin, hair, and nail benefits, has reached cult-level esteem. Recently, however, omega-3 fatty acids (especially EPA omega-3s) have also been linked to improved mood and cognition since they can reduce inflammation, improve blood flow throughout the brain, and normalize nerve cell communication. You can incorporate Omegas in your diet by eating your healthy fats (think wild-caught salmon, chia seeds, walnuts, and grass-fed dairy and meat) and take your capsules (work with a doctor for correct dosage, but one gram daily of combined DHA and EPA is a good place to start).

5 || Vitamins B6 And B12 || Boost Power And Enhance Mood

according to research, B-6 and B-12 are the power couple of mood-boosting supplements. B-6 (pyridoxine) helps produce neurotransmitters like serotonin, while B-12 (methylcobalamin) naturally fights stress and supports neurological function—a natural match made in mood-enhancing heaven. Aim to nourish your body with a source of B Complex.

6 || Herbs || Lower Cortisol And Melancholia

Herbs of the moment have an ability for helping the body adapt to stress and resist the fatigue that can precipitate depression, options like adaptogens such as ashwagandha, Asian ginseng, and rhodiola rosea, are used to target the adrenal system (aka the brain behind your body’s stress response), adaptogens have the chameleon-like ability to adapt their purpose for your body’s particular needs. By naturally lowering the stress hormone cortisol, these herbs help fight fatigue, stress, and anxiety that can contribute to a melancholy mood. Powder or capsule form, you choose what best suits you!

***Note: If you think that you might be depressed, consult a physician or mental health professional immediately. Vitamins and herbal supplements may have side effects, contraindications, and may interfere with medications. Always check with your physician before using.

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