Amman, November 13, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

CIIN’s 5 Must Have Beauty Bag Essentials || Cold Weather In Mind


It’s that wonderful time of the year! And by that I am not referring to the cold and nasty winter conditions coming our way, I am talking about the time of the year when we get to update our beauty essentials bags, yaaaay! Away from SPF’s (although I still -and we should all- use those during winter), and in for the cold weather beauty remedies.. The switch is inevitable and to be able to combat the change in seasons and the gloomy weather we don’t wanna be caught unprepared do we?

Stay beautiful and refresh your beauty bag by adding those 5 winter essentials to it..

1 || Lip Balms

Dry lips are a taboo nowadays, yes you heard right, especially how we learnt to don plump moisturized- liquid matte- ready lips, it’s a shame not to care for yours lipstick or no lipstick…I would like to open your eyes on another winter season beauty concern; that would be the cold sores, many women suffer from cold sores with eminent flair upsmore often in the fall and winter, due to seasonal stress and viral sickness their presence is really embarrassing.. After some research, a new product popped up with great reviews.. The Herpecin L lip balm is a medicated lip balm that not only soothes and heals cold sores, but it also provides intense hydration to the lips to help protect them from becoming overly dry and chapped.

2 || Lotions

Our skin gets super dry during winter, that’s when we should use those really intense hydrating lotions all winter long.. Imagine the drastic switch from central heating to freezing air whenever you step foot outside, well your skin hates that! A small hand cream tube and a mini face cream in your beauty bag are very very essential..CIIN’s favorite has always and will still be Aquaphor healing ointment..

3 || Bobby Pins

This one may seem a bit odd, but our hair equally deserves some cold weather attention.. As soon as the air becomes cold and dry outside, static electricity wages war on our already frizzy hair. To combat this, keep some bobby pins on hand to help tame fly-aways and keep everything in place.

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4 || Eye Drops

Dryness skyrockets during cold and windy days, your eyes become another victim.. They might even burn, sting, and red after just a few minutes outdoors. Try to keep a bottle (or several) of eye drops in your possession at all times. Spread them all around you.. Places like home, car, purse, etc….

5 || Vitamin C Serum

Because it fits, it should be one of your winter makeup bag essentials, whenever you decide to freshen up during the day, and after you wash and moisturize, always add a spritz or two of any vitamin C potion you choose.. It deeply hydrates, serves as an antioxidant and will serve as a heavenly completion to what your skin craves for..

Nov 13, 2017