Dima Jewellery

Palestinian Dima Rashid is based in exotic Cairo, her pieces are a fascinating fusion of old and new, ancient and contemporary. Dima's talent is born out of passion not fleeting trends, year after year her designs grow organically, quintessentially Dima, yet different.


Khadija Bitar's fine jewelry line Tiigan is every fashionista's best kept secret. Enjoying the thrill of the hunt, women the world over seek out Khadija, in the comfort of her own home, to play dress up with her fabulous jewels. Laid back enough for you to experiment in front of her mirror for hours on end, yet excruciatingly meticulous in her trade makes for the perfect combination. Before you leave her diamond wonderland you will be craving another visit.


Reem Mobassaleh's line RYM is a beautiful dance between spirituality and masterful workmanship. An engineer by profession Reem brings to the table an appreciation of geometry and a belief in the dynamics of energy. Her collection is simply fascinating, each collection has a story, a meaning and a passion. We at CIIN genuinely can't wait for this young star to shine brightly!

Juman Pearls

Juman Pearls was established by Wedad and passed onto her daughter Lina Muhtadi. This family brand takes the art of pearls to the next level with inspiringly creative designs linking generations of gold makers at the local souks of Saudi Arabia with generations of creativity and contemporary beauty.



Lebanese Tarfa Itani's brand Falamank is an example of creativity, courage and inspiring growth. You can have talent but not the guts to take it to the next level, you may have the means to grow but not have the vision. Tarfa has it all and it's a joy to watch how this jewelry designer has, with perseverance and integrity grown from a beautiful small project to a full fledged jewelry brand worthy of two international awards.

Bil Arabi

Nadine Kanso's Bil Arabi, is the original calligraphy brand. This Dubai-based Lebanese jeweler has grown organically into her cult status. One would assume that her fame and possibly fortune were a wonder of the marketing world but it is, in fact the wonder of originality and passion. People love Bil Arabi because of Nadine's innovation and genuine love for her trade.

This article was originally posted on 17 Nov, 2015