Amman, July 2, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

CIIN’s 10 Hair & Scalp Sunscreens To Add To Your Summer Beauty Routine

It might have never crossed your mind before, but hair sunblocks do exist! Hair, just like any other body part we religiously protect from the harmful UV rays during summers by the pool is widely vulnerable to the damage that comes from both the sun and extreme weather conditions… Hair sunscreens mostly come in a spray form that you can spritz in throughout the day, but there are also leave-in conditioners and other styling product options that contain SPF to protect your strands from becoming brittle and dry. The cherry on top is that these products act as moisturizing aids as well, leaving you with shiny and soft hair.. So, pool or no pool you should be protecting your hair from the unavoidable sun damage!

Our tip would be applying those starting from the scalp, another body part that requires protection from the sun, we’re guessing you never thought of that too! But a sunburned scalp will result in weaker hair that faces the threat of falling off..

Create a protective barrier against the sun and maintain your hair color as well by considering CIIN’s 10 lightweight, water resistant hair sunscreen options below…

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Jul 2, 2018