All You Need To Know About Chanel’s Spring ’16 Couture Show

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Chanel’s couture show today at the Grand Palais was by far the most interesting Chanel presentation in the recent past. Transforming what was not long ago a Chanel Casino theme for Spring ’15 into an eco-friendly zen garden, with a doll-house like structure to house all the looks.

The doll-like models with perfectly coiffed identical hair, skillfully walked down the wooden steps of their ‘house’ and across the planked green grass thanks to the sturdy cork wedge heel sandals.

Karl Lagerfeld declared that “fashion is part of the events of our times,” and that is exactly what he did. Down to the heavily beaded wood chip dresses and wild cotton fabric. His collection was a lesson in what makes Karl fabulous. He took a theme and nailed it.


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Jan 26, 2016