Amman, December 5, 2016
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Chanel’s New Top Coat Is Black! What’s The Deal?

Cold weather has finally set in.. And so did our mood for everything; whether it’s darker lipsticks, -matte beats glossy- warmer clothes, chunky fabrics and finally darker nail polish.. CIIN invites you to check out Chanel’s latest addition.. The black topcoat.. Yes, black, the luxurious beauty brand opted to steer from the traditional clear topcoat and took the finish line to another level! By adding this black rich topcoat on any nail polish you own, you don’t just get to seal the deal, on the other hand you will be surprised by how the original color transforms into a richer and darker glaze that is more dramatic with a feel of a gel-ish finish.. Bare nails turn to gray; hot pink to plum; navy to black; cherry-red to ruby-red… Fancy more shades? Just put any color you already own to the black Chanel topcoat test and be mesmerized by the results..


Dec 5, 2016