Amman, February 15, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Blake Lively Thanks Her Beauty Squad For 10 Years Of Prepping Her Up!

When in Blake Lively’s shoes, you’re in complete and utter bliss! Talk about the perfect beauty squad whom she always shows gratitude towards. Last night was the Michael Kors runway, and the blonde bombshell looked all glammed up and simply gorgeous! With hair and makeup inspirational to many of us mere mortals, Blake manages to exude all the natural and effortless beauty of all! The question presents itself now, who are the famous trio behind Lively’s red carpet and off looks for the past 10 years?

The dream crew consists of Loreal hair and makeup, Kristofer Buckle and Rod Ortega .. Claiming that they always manage to make her look like she slept more than 2 hours the night before, she continues to admit what the power of a fab glam team has over her looks..

Kristopher Buckle is the makeup artist who believes in big dreams and small pores! He has a gift for creating glowing skin, gorgeous bone structure and incorporating color beautifully. He is known to bring out the natural beauty and is a master of makeup illusion, his brushes and makeup simply disappear and all what’s left is the ‘woman’ underneath!

Rod Ortega is the hair stylist who has been nipping the bombshell’s blonde locks for the past 12 years.. He believes that It all comes down to a good cut and trims as frequent as manicures. It also helps to have the right tools. Versatility is his secret. He is a genius at creating the right amount of layers around the face which makes it very easy to go from a ponytail to a bun to down and wavy.

Enamelle nail care and design. Blake lively loves how super natural and healthy her nails look always. And last night her nails where in tune with Valentine’s day!

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Feb 15, 2018