Amman, January 28, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Behind The Beauty CIIN || Episode 2 Detailed

Every end of a year and on the verge of beginning a new one, we tend to steer our focus into creating ‘THE’ dreaded -although- looked- forward- to- resolution list.. But come to think about it, how many times have we really committed to what we swore on changing? Not mentioning the fact that we lose the resolution list along with our drive for change and life goes on as usual..! After I have done a lot of thinking and after the many years of unrealistic goals and resolutions set, i’ve decided to call it a revolution! I have figured out that I used to list down major lifetime decisions; things like losing weight, exercising, eating healthier and reading more! The minute I realized those were general decisions, I decided to downsize them to daily goals! Yes, goals are easy to achieve, are more tangible, realistic and doable.. Instead of losing weight; I decided to eat clean, I replaced the exercise resolution with stair climbing whenever I had the option, as for the reading challenge, I decided to read 12 pages daily instead of 12 books yearly.. And guess what? This is working!

This simple transformation of the way we list our goals, will make it easier to follow..

Below are the beauty CIIN’s 2018 resolutions..

1 || Don’t Buy Those Supplements Yet!

Get a full blood test first! Yes, do test! You need to know what your insides consist of or are lacking from before you get immersed with the drugstores’ OTC endless variety of tempting supplements promising all kinds of things! So, if after seeking your doctor’s advice you were asked for a blood test then clearly you should as you might be suffering a nutrient deficiency—say, with potassium, magnesium, iron, or vitamin B12. Iron blood testing for anemia is a gold standard for women with fatigue from excessive blood loss from menstruation, and B12 and magnesium testing may be warranted if you're on acid reflux medication long-term.

2 || Make Clean Eating A Habit

To many, clean eating is considered temporary, a boring tasteless way for weight loss and healthy living.. This year, think of clean eating as a way of life, indulge in the many recipes, websites, apps and cook books that offer a myriad of tasteful options to make the process of clean eating much more enjoyable. Our favorites include:

#1 Green Kitchen/ App http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/

#2 Goop/ website https://goop.com/style/the-ultimate-sneaker-guide/

#3 Kimberly Snyder/ Book https://kimberlysnyder.com/

#4 Eat Yourself Skinny/ Website http://www.eatyourselfskinny.com/

#5 Hemsley + Hemsley/ Website http://www.hemsleyandhemsley.com/

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3 || Be Aware Of What You Are Putting On Your Skin

Our skin is known to be the largest organ in our bodies with a surface area that can absorb up to 60% of what we put on it.. This fact calls for action! Think of the many cosmetics and beauty products, lotions, serums, fragrance and creams that we generously slather on our bodies, forgetting about their chemical structure and level of toxicity.. This year should be the one you go green with those kinds of products. Always look for ones that are free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, SLS, SLES, colors, formaldehyde and many others included here.

That’s why we highly recommend you go for Amina’s Natural Skin Care, with a very solid fan base locally and internationally, Amina’s products are all organic, non toxic and very effective! My favorites are the Face and Body Soap and the Aloe Vera Cream.. http://www.aminaskincare.com/en/

4 || A Spa Lover? Go Lymphatic Drainage All The Way!

To all of you who are officially spa addicts, and to those who are not, we advise you to opt for the lymphatic drainage massage every now and then. It’s a surefire way of manually cleansing your lymphatic system and ridding your body from all toxins and undesired waste..

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5 || Your 2018 Beauty Reading List Revealed!

I am going to list the top ten beauty reads of 2018, those that will guide you to the real meaning of beauty on the inside and out!

#1 An Atlas Of Natural Beauty, by BULY,L'OFFICINE.

#2 Perfectly Clear, by Michelle LeClair and Robin Gaby Fisher.

#3 It’s All Easy, by Gwyneth Paltrow.

#4 Younger Skin Starts In The Gut, by Nigma Talib.

#5 Your Beauty Mark, by Dita Von Teese.

#6 The French Beauty Solution, by Mathilde Thomas.

#7 Younger, by Harold Lancer.

#8 Beauty From The Inside Out, Bobbi Brown.

#9 Lauren Conrad Beauty, Lauren Conrad and Elise Loehnen.

#10 Hello Glow, by Stephanie Gerber.

By the way, you can find all of the books listed above at Books@Cafe, Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan..

6 || Have You Heard Of Manuka Honey?

Straight from New Zealand and at our hands reach comes Manuka honey! It is the most potent honey ever produced, with 4 times more nutrient dense than normal honey.. Filled with enzymes and a very effective antimicrobial makes Manuka an excellent source to reap its benefits both internally when ingested and topically when applied..Our favorite comes from the brand ‘Bee Products’ and it is the one thing you need to add to your beauty routine without doubt! http://www.beeproducts.com.au/

7 || Beware Of Cortisol

Many of us just surrender to the strains and stress factors in life and the end result is higher levels of the stress hormone, a.k.a. cortisol.. Blood tests usually detect the cortisol levels in our bodies, but what you need to know is that the excess cortisol released in our systems when we are extremely stressed causes a lot of undesirable effects such as storage of fat and the breaking up of the most important protein when it comes to our beauty; collagen. Cortisol is also the number one acne inducer and causes multiple breakouts and imbalances on our skin.. My advice to you this year? Chillax.. http://www.myciin.com/en/p/if_you_only_knew_what_s...

8 || Matcha Tea? We Love You So Matcha!

Matcha tea is becoming our addiction nowadays, during office hours it gives me energy and great focus, after a long day it helps soothe me and maintain my calm! Matcha has ten times the potency of green tea and the cherry on top is that it’s caffeine free! Go ahead and grab yourself a cup of Matcha! You will love this http://www.myciin.com/en/p/why_you_should_have_a_c...

9 || See What You Are Made Of || Body Analysis

Another year, another promise to workout consistently, we will not deny you that resolution, but what we are going to offer you is revolutionary when it comes to really understanding what your body is made of! The Body Analysis is the detection of the composition of our bodies, it includes information such as the percentage of fat compared to lean mass, as well as the percentage of muscle and the BMI. It serves as a reliable base where we can kickstart our exercise schedule and customize workouts according to our body needs.. Incremental changes will boost our egos! Numbers don’t lie do they?

10 || The Bottom Line!

One word, Commitment. Without it, nothing gets completed, real results and benefits won’t be reaped.. Always give your all and you won’t be let down!

Happy New Year Everyone! You will love this: What are you waiting for!

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