Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, May 18, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Beat The Bloat With These Five Food Suggestions !

If you try really hard, for a really long time you will eventually lose the bloat in your belly. The problem is that it is not sustainable to live on so few calories for months on end. Not only do you feel deprived, but it gets awfully boring as well. It’s almost as if you have eliminated almost everything just in case it causes a bloat. Knowledge is king in these situations, after all we are not getting younger. For women approaching 40 the slowing of the digestive system is the culprit of the bloat. Here are 8 food swaps that will make a difference !

1 || Add Two Kinds of Fiber Not One

Staying regular is important, constipation bloats! Researchers have found that starting your day off with two types of fiber is better than one. Opt for an insoluble fiber such as bran, and a gel-like soluble fiber such as psyllium. This will pull water into your colon and speed up elimination which means that foods will spend less time in your GI tract which is optimal.

2 || Take Out the Salt

Our recommended daily dose of sodium is 1500 mg, most of us consume more than double that. What you don’t need, your body will use to retain water, puffing out your belly. Check the sodium content in packaged foods, there are hidden salts everywhere.

3 || Add Potassium-rich Foods Such as Bananas and Potatoes

Keeping fluid retention at bay, has a lot to do with the balance of potassium and sodium in the body. The better this balance the less fluid retention. As mentioned, we have plenty of sodium in our system. An effective way to flush it out is to eat potassium-rich foods.

4 || Low-Calorie Sweeteners Are Your Enemy

Our body is unable to fully digest these sugar alcohols, which means that bacteria in the large intestine has the opportunity to ferment them. This causes gas and therefore bloat. Be on the look out for sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol and lacitol.

5 || Raw Produce Bloats

Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy but they are also high-volume, which means that they take up a lot of space in your stomach, thus bloating it. Make a point of distributing your fresh produce consumption through out the day. Consuming cooked vegetables is also more compacted and therefore takes up more room…


May 18, 2017