Amman, May 1, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Bare Your Nails || It's The Latest Trend

Upon visiting the nail spa for your weekly anticipated manicure and pedicure you usually get overwhelmed by the variety of nail polish hues and making up your mind almost becomes like a life or death experience.. We have witnessed a lot of crazy nail trends on the spring runways, from glittery, to heavily embellished as well as the harsh gel-ish manicures that often leave your nails pretty fatigued.. CIIN brings you a piece of good news.. When less is more, now is actually the time to embrace the natural nail look.. That said, the Fall 2017 runways were a display that encouraged the natural nail palette.. Designers opted for refreshingly clean, well-groomed, pared-back hands. Sounds welcoming right?

Knowing the fact that backstage at Alexander Wang, Coach, and Victoria Beckham, models received hand massages, cuticle treatments, and shine-inducing buffs, but were sent down the runway without polish, the era of the nail detox is kicking off..Call it a good nail detox, the au naturel manicure requires a few basic precepts. First ensure nails are filed to the same length, shape, and size . Next, buff the tops of the nails lightly until a shine appears and lastly, apply a cuticle remover to gently push back and remove excess dead skin. Voila! Off you go with great looking bare nails and enjoy the bliss of giving them the time to breath..!


May 1, 2017