, April 10, 2018
by Hala Oran

Banish Your Cellulite For Good With Fascia Blasting!!

If you’re the kind of person that dreads the beach season and completely abhors shopping for bathing suits then join the club… Cellulite….that dreaded word doesn’t distinguish between anyone, overweight or thin-as-a-stick and you might still struggle with cellulite. Some of us have tried everything under the sun; creams, massages, dry brushing, cupping therapy (which might work had I committed myself) to no avail. So when I stumble upon a new treatment that promises ‘magical’ results, I have to stop and take note. Fascia blasting might sound like something out of a construction site but it is a completely all-natural solution to the problem of cellulite.

What is Fascia?

Cellulite is attributed to faulty fascia. Fascia is the “fibrous connective tissue” that is made up of collagen and is there to offer a protective support system for our organs and muscles from the outside world. To better understand what a fascia is, just remember how stiff you would feel upon waking up in the morning or upon getting stuck on your desk for a few hours straight. This cramped up feeling comes from your fascia. Over the years, the fascia might become defective what with our prolonged hours spent in poor posture. When the fascia isn’t doing its job properly the blood doesn’t flow well to the muscles and our flexibility will be impaired, and cellulite will appear as a result.

What Is A Fascia Blaster?

A fascia blaster is a white plastic wand with protruding tentacle-like attachments that works by breaking up the fat in the affected areas and returning the tissue back to its original state.

How Do You Do Fascia Blasting?

1 || Warm up the muscles by either having a hot shower or bath, using heating pads, doing sauna or some exercise.

2 || Apply oil or lotion to the area you wish to target.

3 || Move the fascia blaster over the skin in either a vertical or a horizontal sort of motion, by going up-and-down or side-to-side for one to three minutes on each area. This can be worked up to three to five minutes per zone.

4 || Apply a moderate amount of pressure since applying too much pressure might result in bruising.

5 || Massage the area you finished blasting.

6 || You could rub on an ointment for bruising just in case.

7 || Drink lots of water afterwards.

How Often Should You Do It?

I have discovered that the problem with all these cellulite-busting methods is not that they don’t work. They do if we actually COMMIT ourselves. Fascia blasting is not a very comfortable method but it works and for it to work you have to do it regularly. Aim for two to three sessions a week so that you can easily commit and to allow some time for recovery between sessions.

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Does It Hurt?

It is not very comfortable but it shouldn’t hurt too much. It might be more painful if the fascia is in poor condition. Start out by applying light pressure and build it up as your tolerance level increases and your fascia’s health improves.

Does It Really Work?

Despite the lack of measurable scientific research but according to actual testimonials, the skin was noticeably tighter after three months of use. Cellulite had actually lessened and the muscles felt more flexible. Cellulite is said to disappear completely after adhering to the treatment for several months. However, cellulite will come back if you stop the blasting for a while.

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Apr 10, 2018