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If there was any doubt about Arwa Al Banawi's creativity and thoroughly practical designs, Fashion Forward's Saira Mehar made a very good case for her. The fabulously cut monochrome, geometric print pantsuit worn on day two of the event checked all the boxes. In a congested world of design for the sake of it, Arwa Al Banawi is a rare commodity.

The pieces from her Spring '16 presentation were literally serenaded onto the stage, a pianist sat center stage, the models strutting out to his melodies.

An effortless collection of interchangeable items, relaxed blazers, narrow cropped pants and hip grazing gilets. Silk satins, bold prints in rich burgundies and teals, the combinations only limited by our imaginations.

The format of the show served this purpose perfectly. As the models came onto the stage, we literally played connect the dots. This jacket with that pant, that shirt under that gilet…

The level of attention that Arwa invests in her pieces is impressive. Where emerging talent is mostly focused to creating impact, this Saudi born designer has decided to turn the other way. Focusing on minute details that are only visible to the trained eye, she loves her pieces and she treats them with respect. The lining on her jackets is faultless, the buttons original and the workmanship of the pocket details a lost art.

Arwa is one of those designers that thinks about the customer, her eye on them, their needs and their wants. Beautifully bringing together creativity and reality, in the race for brand survival, this is ultimately what it is all about…