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There has been much talk of late of succession at Giorgio Armani, nearing his 81st birthday on July 11, there is no heir in sight and no plan to speak of. Armani himself has made it clear that he has all intentions of dropping dead on the job. A former window dresser with no formal designer training, he remains as chief executive, designer and sole shareholder of the eponymous brand, estimated at a net worth of 4 million dollars. With more than 2,500 shops and outlets in over 60 countries.

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His punk rock tailoring presentation at Paris couture this week, was edgier than usual, perhaps reinforcing the notion that he is still current, relevant and capable of drawing in couture clients by the droves. At a recent couture presentation, a staff member shared with me that the atelier after the fashion show resembled an H&M store during sales season. Jam packed with the who's who of couture clients. Giorgio Armani's business savvy is more concerned with wearability and sales than the couture spectacle.

That said, this week, Armani Privé took the audience on a colorful 80's extravaganza. Electric blues, bright fuchsias and striking purples, in as many textures as there were models strutting down the runway.

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As precise and shiny as the tailored pieces were, they had a modern rawness to them, with tattered threads and shaggy fringes, feathers and knots. There were dresses that looked collaged from scraps of fabric, sparkling with Swarovski crystals and shimmering with lurex. And like with Mr. Armani, pragmatism won over, and the looks were anchored by black velvet trousers, a nod to real life and the clients that salute him.

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