Are You Winter-Proofing Your Skin?

Now that winter is here, your skin can finally take a much-needed break from the sun. Forget blizzard warnings. Winter should come with another weather advisory—rough beauty conditions ahead! The main culprits are cold air that holds less moisture than warm air, and low humidity and central heating that makes already dry and skin even drier. The result: Your skin becomes rough and flaky… It is high time we take stock and winter-ize our beauty routine. From hydrating lip balms to soothing cleansers and bordering-on-addictive facial sprays, here's how.

1 || Do You Own A Humidifier?

Ever wondered if this steamy invention provides some beauty benefits as well? Turns out, yes. Although chances are you reach for your favourite moisturizer when your skin feels parched, humidifiers also help your skin stay hydrated and supple.

2 || Do You Think Bronze Is Just For Summer?

Brighten Up With bronzer! If your skin has taken on a Kermit-like tinge, counteract it with bronzer or self-tanner. Just keep in mind that you are paler now, so pick a formula that's one or two shades lighter than what you used during bathing-suit weather.

3 || Are You Giving Your Hands A Hand?

The skin on your hands is thinner than on most parts of the body and has fewer oil glands. That means it's harder to keep your hands moist, especially in cold, dry weather. This can lead to itchiness and cracking. Wear gloves when you go outside; if you need to wear wool to keep your hands warm, slip on a thin cotton glove first, to avoid any irritation the wool might cause.

4 || Is Your Cleanser Creamy Enough?

Use a milky cleanser with alpha hydroxy acids every other day to help encourage cell turnover and remove the dead cells accumulating on the skin's surface. Unlike their predecessors, today's alpha hydroxy formulas are gentle enough to do their work without causing skin sensitivity.

5 || Are You Using A Serum Yet ? If Not, Start Now!

As temperatures drop, serums, when applied underneath your usual moisturizer, can target your exact skin care concerns (hyperpigmentation? It's got you. Dullness? It'll take it from here.) as well as add a little especially intense hydration to your routine.

This article was originally posted on 12 Nov, 2015

Nov 1, 2017