Amman, April 15, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Antipollution Skincare || 6 Brands That Provide A Barrier From Air Pollution

It is very common nowadays that most women are familiar with their skin types, therefore we are familiar of what products to use and what works best to get the best skin. Moreover, we are typically and consciously aware of the surefire effect of our genetics on how our skin ages in terms of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation…etc. However, have we ever given a thought to the number two enemy that is wrecking havoc on our complexions? Read along ladies…

You might initially think it’s the sun, and the harmful rays we are constantly exposed to, well that’s getting you closer; the air, as in the air you're breathing in right now is the dominant culprit that is what we should steer our attention to.. Yes, it’s the major cause of skin aging..

Air pollution comes in many forms, the smog, the particulate matter (minuscule particles of soot and dirt), smoke and exhaust fumes, and other grime in the air are toxins that we are constantly over-exposed to, the result can lead to premature visible signs of aging, the very fine lines and wrinkles you might be trying to avoid. But how can you avoid the air that you’re breathing, your best bet would be staying in which makes no sense of course. The alternative solution would be simply by adding one (or more) anti-pollution product to your daily routine.. The key is the antioxidant formulas that will form a shield between your skin and the polluted surroundings.. Thus, preventing premature aging..

Air pollution trackers are witnessing major increases that are deemed as hazardous in certain countries. India and China are examples of the growing pollution levels that will affect skin conditions adversely.. There are multiple published studies that proved the above, the sun’s UV rays are responsible for approximately 80% of visible facial ageing signs, including wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and loss in skin elasticity. Another study published last year showed how increased air pollution was linked to brown spots on the skin among people in Germany and China.

The good news is coming your way.. With the environment’s stressors causing greater harm to skin health, it’s inevitable that beauty companies have thus risen to the occasion to launch "anti-pollution" skincare. A quick search on Sephora.com that generates 185 results from the word "pollution" -- brands range from REN, Laneige and Clarins.

Below are some key brands to take note of in the pursuit of clean beauty. Literally..

1 || Tony Moly

By building a fine hydration protective layer, Korean brand Tony Moly's Dust and the City Face Locking Cream prides itself for its efficacy in absorbing fine dust, pollution, and smoke. Formulated with phyto-clear leaf complex for its anti-oxidation power, and rice extract that gently protects the skin from harmful external air, the cream protects the skin and keeps it well-hydrated.

2 || Shu Uemura

Targeting PM2.5 pollutants, the Anti/oxi+ Pollutant & Dullness Clarifying Cleansing Oil from Japanese brand, Shu Uemura works to remove impurities from the skin to reveal a clear and radiant complexion. From papaya extract, which removes protein stains caused by environmental exposure, to moringa extract that guards against pollutants, and green tea extract for its potent anti-oxidation properties, these three enhanced ingredients are the stars in Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil.

3 || Kenzoki

With a soft and featherlight texture, the anti-ageing sleeping mask combines the potent White Lotus extract with a new ingredient, Belle de Nuit. This ingredient helps to rebalance the skin by reducing the harmful effects of UV rays and external aggressions suffered during the day. Essentially, it acts like a repairing ointment on the skin cells and helps to revitalize the skin at night.

4 || Laneige

Besides the usual UV-protection products, Korean skincare brand, Laneige, has a range dedicated to anti-pollution. For starters, their part sunscreen and part brightening serum, Anti-Pollution Defensor is a serum-like treatment that protects the skin from fine dust to reveal a clearer, more supple complexion. A key concept is their trademarked Dust Block technology that reflects fine dust through the principle of magnetic reflection and further protects the skin from harmful environmental damage. The innovative formula also shields against sun damage, a major cause of skin ageing.

5 || Kiehls

Designed to protect against the visible effects of pollution, this mask promises a lot. It has a delicious minty smell that is easy to apply, just put a layer on clean skin, wipe most of it off after five minutes to leave a thin layer on overnight. Using it the recommended three times a week, you will feel that your skin is softer, and a bit plumper in the morning after use, and as you need so little each time, the pot will last for ages too.

6 || Ren

This product uses minerals from clay to detoxify and purify skin facing city-living congestion, while reducing the appearance of oiliness, open pores and blackheads.

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Apr 15, 2018