Amman, November 6, 2017
by Georgiet Kamel

Angelina Jolie Gives Us A Lesson in Satin at the Hollywood Film Awards

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie was a standout on the red carpet at the Hollywood Film Awards at The Beverly Hilton on Sunday night.

The star received the Hollywood Foreign Language Film Award along with writer Loung Ung at the ceremony for their movie First They Killed My Father.

angelina jolie

Angelina looked sensational in the jaw-droppingly glamorous gown by Jenny Packham which cinched in her waist and fell down to the floor in drapes. I think we have all fantasized about wearing a satin simple dress only to be slapped with the cold hard truth. Nine times out of ten it's too simple, and looks like you are ready for bed.

angelina jolie

There are some rules with satin dresses and Angelina has all the answers for us. She often chooses the fabric, the simplicity only further highlighting her stunning features.

Firstly, wearing 100% silk is a myth, it will look like used chewing gum in 10 minutes flat. So, swallow your pride and opt for a polyester/silk blend to keep the creases at bay.

It quite stunning that the dress has hardly creased, not even at the elbows, Angelina's stylist is a pro.

Part of the reason for this of course is because the sleeve is not too tight, a common mistake with silk. The dress needs to be allowed to move, so give it some space to do so.

angelina jolie

Ok, we're pretty sure you wont be going sans bra, like Angie here. So, ensure your bra is as smooth as silk, no lace or added details. Another trick of the trade is, you must wear a slip. Silk dresses may gather static which is bit of a pain, wear a pure silk slip (please don't try polyester with this fabric). This will firstly control the static, will keep the fabric away from your skin so will less likely crease, and lastly it will shield you from any moisture stains if you decide to sweat like humans do...

Taking a look at the skirt of the dress and we can bet our bottom dollar that there is a crinoline skirt underneath to give it its volume. That's the truth about silk dresses, most of the work is done below to get the results above.

angelina jolie

Had you seen this dress you may have assumed that you would need more fabric in the skirt to create the draping movement. That would have added weight to the dress, and thickened your waistline somewhat.

Last but not least, again this dress looks like it was casually wrapped at the waist right ? Wrong ! This dress has a reliable fixture at the waist keeping everything in place. The cherry on top was the tie at the waist. Like we said, with satin most of the work is on the inside...

angelina jolie

Nov 6, 2017