, August 12, 2018
by Celina Khorma

Amman's Patek Philippe Store Has Reopened, And Here Are 30 Songs That Praise The Brand

Amman’s Patek Philippe Store, under Time Center’s umbrella, has reopened its store doors in Um Uthaina, and it’s time to celebrate. The brand has dominated fashion for over a century, but we're going to commemorate its takeover of yet another, equally glamorous industry: music.

Here’s a compilation of 30 hip-hop hits that mention, and praise, the luxury watch brand — spoiler alert: it’s in 1 in 8 hip-hop songs that hit the charts in 2017, according to Rap Genius.

1 || Patek Water — Future, Young Thug, Offset

Lyric: Ay, what kinda water is that? It's Patek water (it's fleek water)

2 || Iced Out my Arms — DJ Khaled

One (of many) lyrics: I put Patek on my arms, I had to ice out my arms (Philippe!)

3 || Ric Flair Drip — Offset 21 Savage

Lyric: Bought my first Patek, it got some rain on it (Patek)

4 || Emoji a Chain — Migos

Lyric: Ice out the gang, make an Emoji a chain (whoo) Put on the Patek, to change up the weather, The sh** turning into the rain (rain)

5 || Too Much Sauce — Future, Lil Uzi Vert, DJ Esco

Lyric: Patek Philippe, the plain one, that's too much sauce

6 || Motorsport — Migos, Nicki Minaj

Lyric: No human being, I'm immortal (no) Patek and A.P. full of water (Patek) Hundred K, I spend on my señora

7 || Both — Gucci Mane, Drake

Lyric: This Patek Philipe gon' make this crooked judge try throw the book at me

8 || Drip — Migos, Cardi B

Lyric: Patek on my wrist, and it's glistenin' (drip, drip)

9 || Narcos — Migos

Lyric: Dripping, ooze the Patek all wet (ooh)

10 || Rake it Up — Yo Gotti, Nicki Minaj

Lyric: I'm at Phillipe Chow, (what) I got a Patek on (okay)

11 || I Get the Bag — Gucci Mane

Lyric: Back ends I count in my sleep, on fleek 100k spent on a Patek Philippe (Philippe)

12 || Drip on Me — Future, Young Thug

Lyric: Patek or Phillippe on my drip (drink)

13 || Ice Tray — Quavo, Lil Yachty, Quality Control

Lyric: Big boy Patek and it's skelly (Patek)

14 || Lick — Cardi B

Lyric: Bought the Patek Philippe, no that b**** wasn't cheap (no)

15 || 1942 Flows — Meek Mill

Lyric: This that rose gold Patek, call me like '94

16 || Bartier Cardi — Cardi B

Lyric: I flooded the Patek and bracelet

17 || Esskeetit — Lil Pump

Lyric: Look at my two-tone Patek

18 || Top Off — Jay Z, Beyonce, Future, DJ Khaled

Lyric: No jewels in this Patek Philippe It's complicated, three million apiece Sheesh, that's how we do time

19 || Apes**t — Beyonce, Jay Z (The Carters)

Lyric: Shut down Colette (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Philippe Patek

20 || Stir Fry — Migos

Lyric: Icy Patek, check, yeah, boogers, they sit on my neck (ice)

21 || Shining — DJ Khaled, Beyonce

Lyric: Plain Patek, been had it flooded when I got it from Khaled

22 || Watch — Travis Scott, feat. Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West

Lyric: Yeah, Patek Philippe, it cloudy like Heaven

23 || Patek Philippe (Remix) — G4 Boyz feat. Tory Lanez

Lyric: Ok my watch Patek, my food Philippe

24 || Boss Life — YFN Lucci feat. Offset

Lyric: Patek Philippe, it's rare (hey)

25 || Ghostface Killers — 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin

Lyric: Love the Patek on my arm (Patek)

26 || Major Bag Alert — DJ Khaled, Migos

Lyric: Plain Patek, plain Jane, fill it with ice (ice)

27 || On the Regular — Meek Mill

Lyric: I'm out here lookin' like Meech, flooded the Patek Philippe, yea, yea

28 || Hi-Five — Gucci Mane

Lyric: So much ice around my bezel you can't see, the Patek, I'm Felipe, in Felipe's

29 || Heard About Us — Beyonce and Jay Z (The Carters)

Lyric: Got no time, but we got Patek's

30 || You da Baddest — Future and Nicki Minaj

Lyric: I got that twenty-five karats on my Patek, I'm ecstatic

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Aug 12, 2018