All You Need To Know About The Giambattista Valli Couture Show

Giambattista Valli has a real knack for couture, some designers create couture for the show and others create it for their customers, Valli does both. Honing his formula over the years, now in the 11th year of couture, Valli almost has a dialogue with his customers through the pieces, and the clients; beautifully lining his front row respond with enthusiastic clapping and passionate ‘bravo’s at every chance.

Yesterday’s show started off with an ode to Victorian dressing with creme fabrics dotted with tiny red flower buds, from silk satins to diaphanous chiffons Valli’s conversation with his audience had started. Almost saying, 'this Laura Ashley-like fabric can be divine, just look and see'. Starting off with a mini shift and moving onto a more elaborate short jacket and matching skirt, he proved his point beautifully.

It would be fair to say that Giambattista Valli is a sleeves kind of guy, he loves to play with sleeves, and he gave us plenty to choose from this season. This playful element of his actually allows him to go as short as he liked with the dresses without loosing the glamour which is what couture is really all about.

And short he did go, not just in the skirts but more importantly in his crop tops. An unlikely element of victorian dressing that added an element of surprise and intrigue. The Bucellati jewelry adorning these pieces making the audience ask ‘why not?’

His now classic high-waisted mini dresses came down the proverbial runway in gloriously elaborate embroidered fabrics that would make any Victorian proud. Adding his Valli touch with over-the-top sleeves is what dreams are made of. Fantastical concoctions that CAN actually be worn and will be, evidently with all the cheering coming from the front row.

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