All You Need To Know About Bouchra Jarrar’s Spring ’16 Couture Presentation

Bouchra Jarrar, Couture show
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There is little doubt that Bouchra Jarrar is a fine designer, her heroic workmanship requires long hours of perhaps unnecessary detailing, but that is what makes her great. Her simply designed pieces fit beautifully, thanks to her saintly attention to detail. Purchasing a piece from Bouchra Jarrar is to purchase the finest couture.

Bouchra Jarrar, Couture show

Bouchra Jarrar, Couture show

Season after season Bouchra Jarrar invites people into her world, to get a glimpse of her genius at work, and every year we oooohhh and ahhhhh over very similar pieces and color schemes, and that is perhaps the issue that we see. How many pieces can you acquire from this elegant label before feeling like a broken record. There is just too much of the same…


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