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he British star is a style icon across the globe and particularly admired for her cool vintage vibe.

While Alexa is excited about heading to Glastonbury music festival this weekend, she cringes at the thought of items such as flower garlands and cut-off denim shorts that have become synonymous with outdoor music events.

"It's slightly embarrassing," she admitted to Fashionista. "Because, first and foremost, you just have to be comfortable and weather-appropriate. So I think it's a bit naff, some of the iterations on that theme, and how it has become its own style.

But, then again, it's a moment where you can really have fun with whatever you're wearing, so I see the attraction. Coachella, for me, it's become a bit homogenised - and I enjoy going there, I've been going there for ten years - but the last time I went there, all I wanted to do was wear a suit as soon as I left. I mean, I was wearing what everyone else was wearing but, like, **** hell, if I see one more flower crown."

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Alexa, 31, has been celebrating a more refined sense of style as the model for French brand Longchamp's autumn 15 campaign. She might look cool in the snaps taken in Miami, but the reality was quite different.

"It was so fun, but we shot the campaign a few months ago," she revealed. "It was boiling hot and we were doing the full collection, which was like a mohair roll neck and leather pants and leather jacket. I think Sophie Delafontaine, artistic director at Longchamp chose it to really test my dedication to Longchamp."

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