Alexa Chung Wishes She Could 'Delete' Her Past Style From Existence!

Alexa Chung really committed to her look as a teenager - but wishes the style hadn't been all about impressing skateboarders.

The model-turned-TV presenter is renowned for her fashion sense and is often lauded for her preppy yet edgy look. She isn't above making some style mistakes though, as was obvious when she was around 17.

"Well, sixth form (at school) was pretty bad because I really fancied skateboarders, but I couldn't skate, so I used to wear sort of cargo pants, really low slung, a studded belt, Pokemon knickers, a cropped Astro Boy T-shirt, too many beads - loads of beads - and a Darth Maul watch," she laughed to Britain's Glamour magazine. "That was quite bad. And huge hoop earrings... I always committed to a look."

Alexa's career began as a model, but since leaving the industry to work in TV she's admitted it wasn't as fun as she thought. Looking back, the star ponders whether some of her comments were perhaps a little harsh.

"I wonder if I was actually just being young," she mused. "I mean, modelling was the lens through which I looked at that, but I think it was just more about being a young woman and not feeling necessarily secure in your body anyway, and then to be photographed and scrutinised makes you kind of hyper-aware of it."

The star's fashion nous has been tested after she was asked to create a range with UK retailer Marks & Spencer. To do so Alexa was invited to look around the label's archive, which she found to be an incredibly emotional experience.


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Mar 6, 2016