Amman, December 10, 2018
by Aya Mufleh

A Step-By-Step Guide To Applying False Lashes For Beginners by Ayah Mufleh

Long, thick, and full eyelashes that frame the eyes are a symbol of beauty and femininity and on the wish-list of all females should we be able to wish for them. Countless brands have invested time and resources to come up with THE lash lengthening serums to use, to no avail. A high percentage of those who try these serums end up feeling disheartened. Enter false eyelashes! One of the beauty industry’s best and most sought-after inventions is the false lash; however many people refrain from using them assuming they will be impossible to master! Applying false lashes is fairly easy…though at first it may seem like a daunting task, but once you get the hang of it, it gets as easy as applying mascara. In fact, for me applying eyelashes is easier than applying eyeliner!

As an eyelash brand owner I experimented with ways of applying the eyelashes that are easy to implement, and I hope that I’ve succeeded in putting down what would be a beginner’s guide to applying eyelashes on your own:

1# Stand in front of a mirror and hold the lash tray facing the mirror to be able to identify the left and right eyelashes; you can skip this step if you already know.

2# Remove the lashes from their tray ever so delicately; they are handmade and the hair strands can be easily torn. Peel them off with either the tips of your fingers or tweezers. Gently pull them out starting from the outer edges of the false lash.

3# Wrap your falsies around the handle of a makeup brush to give the strips some curve. This will help with the application process as it will make them conform to the shape of your eye, and will prevent them from sticking out during application.

4# Measure the eyelash on your eye to determine if they need to be trimmed. The eyelash should start and end exactly where your natural lash line starts and ends, or else they won’t feel comfortable. The falsies could also end 2-3 lashes before your natural lash line ends.

5# IF the lashes need trimming make sure to trim the outer edges only, and never be tempted to shorten the lashes by trimming their length as they will immediately lose their curve.

6# When I trim my falsies I usually keep the extra bits, which I sometimes like to use on the outer corners of my eyes to give me the cat-eye effect.

7# Curl your natural lashes using our Curlash and apply mascara prior to applying the false lashes. Some people make the mistake of applying the lashes first and then the mascara, it will work the first time but it will decrease the reusability of the lashes.

8# In regards to the glue used, I personally use the black Duo Glue, but both the black and the transparent glues work just fine.

9# Apply the right amount of glue using a bobby pin or a cotton bud. Gently brush the pin or the cotton bud on the lash line. You don’t need much glue that’s why these two options help me control the amount of glue used. Blow on the lashes for 2-5 seconds.

10# Place the lashes on your eyes using tweezers or your fingers if you feel you have some control. Look down and press the lashes down starting with the center of the lashes, now press down the outer corners and finally the inner corners. Press down on the lashes again using your fingers and try to blend them with the mascara by gently lifting your natural lashes towards the false lashes.

Aaaaand you are, done. Xxx

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