, December 12, 2017
by Hala Oran

A Sensational New Book About Meghan Is In The Works… Meghan: A Hollywood Princess

Not yet a princess and Meghan’s already the subject of the upcoming biography; Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, by royal biographer Andrew Morton. Having lived in California close to where Meghan grew up, the writer promises to give an “unparalleled, comprehensive” look at Meghan’s life prior to the Royal engagement. He will discuss in detail Meghan’s juicy early life, her rise to fame with Suits, as well as her humanitarian work.The biography is planned for publishing on April 19 of 2018, a month prior to the royal wedding, and the rights to publishing the book went to Michael O’Mara Books.

Morton’s claim to fame has to be the sensational biography he published in 1992 chronicling Princess Diana’s life in his book Diana: Her True Story. In this biography Morton shocked the world by revealing Diana’s battle with bulimia, her suicide attempts, and Camilla!A revised version of this biography was published after her death based on secret recordings taken at Kensington Palace in 1991. The book was condemned and banned at the time, until it became clear that Diana had cooperated with the writer to produce the book.

According to Morton, Meghan’s life would make a very interesting biography and he claims that he’s been a lifelong fan of the Duchess-to-be long before she even met Prince Harry. He continued to explain that Markle is quite a departure from the “coy blushing royal brides of recent years”. She has this innate quality that has been aptly named “The Markle Sparkle”.

Morton described Meghan’s character as a combination of spark, confidence, and charisma. She is always groomed and camera ready, and her warmth is quite apparent to the camera as she doesn’t shy away from subtle public displays of affection. Morton believes that Meghan is a charismatic addition to the Royal family and will make the House of Windsor relevant again.

Morton has also written books on Monica Lewinsky, the Beckhams, Madonna, Tom Cruise, and Angelina Jolie.

Dec 12, 2017