Amman, October 29, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

9 Things You Are Not Doing To Cure Your Insomnia

We previously discussed insomnia and how it almost ruins lives.. Listing all the negative effects it imposes on our mental and physical health.. Bottom line, whichever way you dig for a sleeping remedy, having a good night’s sleep is essential for leading a healthy and productive life. Today, we decided to list the not- so- familiar- 9 things that insomniacs are unaware off, and that when done, the snoozing bliss will enter their lives and never leave.. Most will be new to you.. Below, 9 products and tricks that will help you get back to sleep…!

1 || Soothing Pillow Sprays

Go ahead and reach out for your pillow mist instead of your phone at night, and boost up your slumber! Fall asleep faster and wake feeling more refreshed. What’s not to love? There’s a wide array of clinically proven pillow sprays that induce better quality sleep, they all smell heavenly and their aroma sets you to a shut eye mode..

2 || Silk Pillowcases

Whether or not you’re a fan of silk, switching to silk pillowcases will offer on of the purest forms of delight! A silk pillowcase is not only wonderfully cool, it is in fact equal to anti-aging products, and is often considered to improve your hair's health while being a hypoallergenic temperature regulator that also moisturizes your face. Could this be magic? Yes we believe in magic.. and unicorns too!

3 || Own Your Duvet!

Partners in everything? We got one tip for you; feel free to solely own your duvet woman! Yes, we are all entitled to our own duvets once we give in to sleeping.. If you sleep with a partner, having two single duvets is much more conducive to a good night’s sleep than one big one. Rid yourself of the anxiety of who’s taking over the blanket..

4 || Fresh Ginger And Turmeric Infusion

This potent fusion of two powerful fusions is just magical.. Ginger is known to besoothing and warming, turmeric is another wonder root. All you need to do is chop them up and put them in an infusion pot, allow them to steep for a few minutes and then drink in bed. This mix warms the tummy, aids digestion, wards off winter colds and sets you up for a well-hydrated night.

5 || Face oils

A drop of oil a night keeps those wrinkles at bay. Aside from that fact, the process of massaging it in takes a few minutes, and is very calming and relaxing. The process improves circulation and relaxes tight facial muscles after a day of frowning at screens or running endless errands..

6 || Botox Or A Night Guard

Are you a teeth grinder? Join the club.. Many of us do it.. This can really have a big impact on your quality of sleep. Wearing a special mouth guard made by dentists will protect your enamel and also discourage grinding. Botox on the other hand when injected in your jaw muscles weakens them and reduces general tension in that area.

7 || Teasmade

The best thing for waking up slowly and calmly after a good night’s sleep is an old-fashioned Teasmade. The joy of the Teasmade is that the water starts to boil before the alarm goes off, so you get that lovely soft sound of water heating up before the bubbling of steam. Plus, you then get to sip your tea before you’ve even left your bed. I use mine to make hot lemon and water or green tea, which makes for a great start to the day.

8 || Wireless Sleephones

To many, music provides a sense of calm..Having the radio on low and tuned to soft music throughout the night brings a sense of comfort and familiarity to the person trying to steer away the busy thinking mind and fall asleep.. Soothed your nerves and get yourself a Sleephone, a fleecy headband with built-in headphones which allow you to fall asleep comfortably without fear of waking anyone else.

9 || Sleep Inducing Subliminal Affirmations

This in fact is something i have personally read a lot about and totally recommend it to insomniacs out there..A subliminal message is one of the most misunderstood and underrated performance enhancing tools of the decade.. A subliminal message is the act of conveying a message directly to the subconscious mind…below the threshold of conscious awareness. Tune into on of the hundred sleep inducing subliminal affirmation on youtube and watch yourself diving into deep sleep without you knowing..

Oct 29, 2017