, July 8, 2018
by Hala Oran

9 Health & Beauty Tips For Your Vacation!!

Going on holiday? We bet you are. Even though this is the time of year to let your guard now and relax, but if you relax too much you risk coming back with the holiday weight gain that will probably stay with you till fall. Avoid the dreaded holiday weight trap along with other health and beauty pitfalls with these tips to start implementing prior to and during your trip.

1 || Fine Tune Your Diet & Exercise

Before you travel you have to fine tune your diet and get stricter with exercise so that you can better enjoy your vacation (which means also enjoying your food). Get down to one cheat meal per week (if you were slacking) and up your protein and green veggies with every meal. Hit the gym 6 days a week and increase your cardio 10 days before you travel. If you are disciplined enough you can try cutting out carbs 3-5 days before your trip.

2 || Water

You probably do not need this reminder but numbers speak… to make sure you have glowing skin on your vacation increase your water intake to 4 litres per day (and also while on the plane). This will also be needed if you follow our previous advice on increasing your cardio before you travel.

3 || Asparagus

Asparagus is a natural diuretic, so aim to have daily servings of this amazing veggie to flush out excess fluids and avoid water gain while on vacation.

4 || Vitamin C

Yes again, vitamin C. During your vacation you can cut out all other supplements as they may contribute to water gain during holidays. Start increase your vitamin C intake however 3 days before you travel.

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5 || Prep Your Skin

Have a facial before you travel; preferably a microdermabrasion one to thoroughly cleanse pores, drain excess fluid and renew circulation. Fight-off plane dehydration with a targeted mask and use a vitamin C serum nightly to detox during your vacation. Keep some facial blotting cloths on hand to keep the oil under control.

6 || Minimum Makeup

Some people cannot imagine going bare-faced while on vacation. If you’re among those, you might want to experiment with lash extensions or eyebrow microblading if you’ve been considering them; so you won’t end up with melting eye brows or dark under-eye smudges. You can then settle for a tinted moisturiser or sunscreen and some liquid highlighter. Not into these things, switch up to waterproof mascara and liner instead.

7 || Hair Care

If you think that getting a hair cut after coming back from vacation is your best bet think again. If your hair has some split ends and is feeling dry, better cut it before travelling so it can be strong and healthy and you will come back with fewer problems. If you can manage it, aim to use a hair mask and use oil-based products such as Moroccan oil treatments. One last bit of advice; when washing your hair finish off with a cold-water shock to energise your follicles.

8 || Fake Tan

No time for a pre-tan?? Spray tanning can save you for a while or any other form of self-tanning at that. This can save you from getting burnt if you’re on a beach vacation and will give you the dignity of not looking so snow-whitish. Order your St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion from CIIN today.

9 || Feet

You really have to sort out your feet before going on vacation, especially a beach vacation, where they will always be on display and will further dry out due to being exposed to water and sand. Invest in a few proper treatments prior to going on your vacation. Contrary to popular belief; feet are best filed when they’re dry so that only the dry parts can be filed. Soak feet or shower after filing feet and then soak them with moisture.

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