Amman, October 3, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

9 Habits You Must Ditch Before You’re no Longer 30!

We are often times victims of habit aren’t we? Acts like smoking, midnight binging, couch potato-ing are a few to mention, but when it comes to your skin health, what you think is enough to counteract time and gravity might not be well, enough! Yes, wearing SPF on a daily basis is awesome! But are you tackling other crucial aspects to prove you are on the right track? What is damaging your skin? Below are 6 habits that upon ditching you will guarantee a lifetime of maximum effortless beauty through your 30’s and beyond! Go ahead and ask yourself those 9 questions…

1 || Are You Falling Asleep with your makeup on?

Overnight is the time when your skin cells regenerate, rejuvenate and undergo repair.. Basically, it’s your skin’s chance to reverse any damage it went through that day! But the question remains, are you efficiently preparing your skin for that process? Are you cleaning your face and applying all the magical elixirs needed for that natural cell turnover? Not removing your makeup causes your pores to clog and that is enough to make matters even worse!

2 || Are You Applying Sunscreen Only Once Daily?

We’ve got news for you, just when you thought you have done your deed and wore your sunscreen in the morning, we are here to tell you all this effort lasts for a couple of hours and thats it! Depressing right? Your SPF’s protective effects loses its potency while the UV rays are still going strong. That’s when you should reapply.. But what about your perfectly made-up face? The answer is to look for a powder formula that you can lightly tap over your face without wrecking your makeup!

3 || Are You Not exfoliating On A Regular Basis?

This makes total sense, the accumulation of dead cells must be cleared off in order for the products that follow to be effective. Physical exfoliants usually slough off dead cells, so to maximize your skin benefitting from your products, you need to remove that barrier of a dead cells layer..

4 || Are You A Night Owl?

It’s time to re-assess your night-time routine, are you staying up past your bedtime? If yes, then you’re definitely sacrificing your cell turnover.. Your skin loves night-time, that’s when it can finally prioritize taking care of itself. Don’t skip it, don’t miss out on the results of that repair. You crave radiance? Firm skin?Just sleep…

5 || Are You Using Dirty Makeup brushes?

Upon touching your face, your makeup brushes pick up bacteria, that’s a fact! This bacteria can then hang out and grow within the bristles, and then return to your face when you use it again. Not fun huh? So go ahead, do yourself a favour and give your brushes thorough cleaning sessions with a brush cleanser at least once a week. Your skin will thank you.

6 || Are You A Victim Of Your Sweet Tooth?

Are you dealing with a non-stop acne breakouts episodes?For the sake of your skin, you probably should swear off (not completely though) high glycemic foods… Foods like white bread and sweet binges, are closely correlated with acne breakouts, while low-glycemic foods, such as most fruits and beans, aren't. If you're eating those on a regular basis and also dealing with acne, try limiting it to once a week.

7 || Are You Still Not Obsessed With Brighteners?

One thing that you 30 something skin will fall victim to is pigmentation! Whether in the form of sun spots, a vague dullness, zit stains, or melasma patches,it’s very importantthat you battle the pigment buildup without irritating your skin, dermatologists always suggest applying brighteners in low concentrations while using on a regular basis, this will give you a youthful you glow..

8 || Are You Boosting Collagen Production?

Your next challenge? Supporting collagen cells in their quest for plump, line-less skin.Nothing does it better than retinoids, as a bonus, these vitamin A creams control pigment and acne, too. There are also a multitude of skin treatments such as lasers and acupuncture that can boost collagen production.. Yes it’s time to adopt a few approaches..

9 || Are You Keeping An Eye On Your Eye Area?

We just hope that your answer is yes!This thin-skinned area is the first to show lines, crow's-feet dig in during this decade, and sheer exhaustion. The need for eye cream is now undeniable, especially if you are genetically prone to bags or hollows, which can be seriously exacerbated by sleepless nights. You should definitely start applying a twice-daily dose of eye cream. To plump shadowy hollows, go for one containing peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. For puffiness, caffeine-containing creams can tighten underlying vessels to help skin look firmer.

Oct 3, 2017