, December 20, 2018
by Hala Oran

9 Glitter-Makeup Looks To Take You To The Next Level!

Break down the glitter box, it is time to partayyyyyy! There is no better time like right now to start wearing glitter makeup that screams holidays and festivities. The key however is to look a lot cooler than everyone else and not like some arts and crafts box exploded nearby. Below are some glitter-infused looks to get you started…some are for the faint-of-heart while other looks take you all out. Experiment and have fun with it!

1 || Subtle Crystal Lids

To ease you into the glitter world, we started off with the easiest idea to apply. Sprinkle some silver flecks onto bare lids to give off an impression of twinkling stars or falling snowflakes. To achieve this look, dip a makeup brush in some skin adhesive such as MAC’s Mixing Medium. Then dip it in loose glitter and press all over the lids starting at the center working your way outwards and inwards.

2 || Statement Lids

Using almost the same techniques and products as above, here is a look for the more daring. Keeping the rest of your face looking fresh and dewy, you can have statement lids by using a skin adhesive such as MAC’s above, press down any color glitter you want; pink, purple, green or blue and voilá.

3 || Glitter Liner

Perhaps one of my favourite looks as it’s not too daring yet sparkly enough is the glitter liner. Curl your lashes prior to applying the glitter. The shape has to be mastered while applying the adhesive otherwise it won’t be a liner, but don’t worry this look is not meant to be perfect.

4 || Brow Glitter

Not sure how I feel about this one but you can retrace your eyebrows with a thin layer of glitter underneath for another festive take on glitter makeup.

5 || Glitter Freckles

Yup, quite unexpected but totally digging this look. Apply a glitter primer such as NYX’s and then either scatter the glitter across your cheeks and nose or apply strategically.

NYX Glitter Primer

6 || Heavy Metal

Reserve this look for the most outrageous party of the season. Heavy metal eyes require a thick black cat-eye and gold eyeshadow and glitter all over the rest of the lids….you can determine how far you want to go!

7 || Black Metal

A look that resembles the one above yet slightly toned down if you will is the back metal eyes. Again go heavy with the back cat-eye but this time go over the black liner with black glitter to create a raw radical look. For the best application use a cotton swab dipped in lash glue to make the glitter stick.

8 || Glitter Lipstick

There is nothing more festive than glitter lips. You can either apply any color and then top with glitter, or you can just invest in the of-the-moment glitter lipsticks.

Huda Beauty Metallic Power Bullet Lipstick

9 || Mega-Watt Mani

Perhaps the easiest way to pull off glitter makeup is to wear it in the form of nail polish. Choose winter-themed colors such as all shades of red of course, in addition to jewel-toned polish and shades of grey and back for maximum impact.

O.P.I. Designer Series - Pewter

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