Amman, September 23, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

9 Fresh Ways You Can Wear Leopard This Season

Leopard print is one of the classics, always in style and very, very versatile too! This season, leopard is everywhere, screaming seduction, power and style! Having appeared on a string of major runways -Tom Ford and Givenchy come to mind- It’s time to dig into your wardrobe and unleash this mighty beast of a print, because seriously, nothing can take away the timeless allure of leopard!

Below, 6 styling tips that will ease your way into the re-emerging of the leopard trend..

1 || Treat Your Leopard Items Like You Treat Your Black Ones!

Leopard is the new black! That’s how versatile it has become, and as absurd as it may seem, adding a little leopard to any outfit upgrades and harmonizes any look! It is considered a neutral print this season, use it as a base instead of black to give an instant fashion statement…

2 || For The Faint Of Heart Wear It As An Accessory

Start getting more creative with how you incorporate it into your outfits, ease your way into the wild print however make it a focal point of your outfit as opposed to just an accent piece, you can even mix it with other bold prints and colors. We’re thinking shoes, bags, scarves or head pieces.. As long as you have a hint of leopard this season, you’re good to go!

3 || Clash With Other Classic Prints

This season, mixing and matching different prints is the epitome of all styling tips.. Dare to mix various classic prints together and the result will be runway material!

4 || Bold Hues Bring The Best Out Of Leopard

Our best topic when it comes to leopard, think colors, the bolder the better, mix your leopard piece with trending hues such as purple, burnt orange, blue, and hot red! You can also break a monochrome outfit, this will spruce up your outfit and is just another reminder of how leopard is becoming a basic color!

5 || The Leopard Pencil Skirt Style Of The Moment

Already own a leopard pencil skirt? A graphic t-shirt in black or white and white booties will send out an epic in-style vibe!

6 || Leopard Can Be Red As Well

While we'd normally say stick to the classic colors, there's something about this bold red trending leopard print that's so out-there, you can't help but appreciate it.

7 || When Monochrome Applies To Leopard And It’s Not Over-Board!

We love leopard rules, simply because they don’t exist.. Another reason to convince you that the sky is the limit when it comes to wearing the wildest print out there, is wearing leopard on leopard under leopard all over! Our Tip; accentuate with gold accessories!

8 || Leopard Trousers Or Skirts And Red Boots Are A Match made In Heaven!

Dare to revisit that 80’s look, you will never go wrong with wearing leopard with bold red boots…

9 || Leopard And Denim; Will Promise To Make Your Hearts Sing!

A classic white or black tee paired with your favorite denim will get an instant upgrade, just throw on a leopard jacket and you’re all set!

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