Amman, December 13, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

9 Benefits You Can Reap When Life Gives You Lemons

This is the time to think up a hundred and one ways to use lemons when life offers them to you.. Lemons can become your saviors in countless ways, check them out..

1 || Natural Bleachers

Lemons have the power to whiten and brighten..If your elbows and knees appear dark, simply rub them with half of a lemon.

2 || Blackhead Busters

Treating acne and annihilating blackheads are other benefits offered by lemons being antibacterial.. Just slice a lemon, and squeeze the juice on your face. Your blackheads will start to fade before you know it and acne will seize to exist!

3 || Toner Powers

A great refreshing way you can use lemons is by creating toner out of their juice! Mix a couple drops of lemon and tea tree essential oil in about 6 ounces of distilled water. Use with cotton pads as a cleansing wipe for problematic skin…

4 || Teeth Whitening

Mixing baking soda and lemon juice, and applying it to your teeth followed by scrubbing with a toothbrush is a guaranteed way to whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home..

5 || Canker Sore Treatment

A few drops of the lemon essential oil on canker sores helps them heal faster..

6 || Skin Brightener

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so they can help brighten and lighten your skin when used over time. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals and boosting collagen production. That means it can help lighten age spots, dark spots, or a fake tan gone wrong.

7 || Lip Exfoliator

Got chapped lips? Put a little lemon juice on your lips before bedtime, and wash it off in the morning to help remove dead skin cells and dried skin.

8 || Nail Strengthener

Make a mixture of your favorite cooking oil (try olive oil) with lemon juice, and soak your nails. This is a good practice if your nails are dry and brittle, but it's also a great way to help fix nails that have yellowed.

9 || Hair Lightener

Remember those summer days back in time when we used Sun-In to get the coolest highlights? Well, we wish we knew about the DIY lemon highlighting powers, must have saved us the damage caused by chemicals in bottles! Apply lemon juice before you expose your hair to sunlight to score a sun-kissed color. The lemon juice can also help treat a dry scalp and dandruff, so apply it liberally.

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